“Winnipeg Gone Rogue” gone November Project

Well, here we are, we have arrived, our short 8 year pledge (ok maybe it was only 8 months) process has come to an end and we are proud to be officially part of the November Project family! To say that this past Wednesday morning was awesome would be such an understatement. In addition to the 30 or so crazy, fierce Winnipeggers who showed up for  our 5th straight -37 degree day (interestingly, Celsius or Fahrenheit feels awfully the same at that temperature) , we had 4 surprise guests; Chris, Chloe and Nadim from Edmonton arrived on Tuesday night, parked their dogsleds in the barn and were among the first people down at the Forks Wednesday morning. We were so pumped to see your bright colors, and initially confused but ultimately excited by the sudden presence of Grassroots Gear!

Bojan on the other hand arrived by aero-plane (one of those crazy newfangled American flying contraptions) and rolled into the Forks Wednesday morning introducing himself as Frank, the monstrous yet awkwardly hunched over newbie. He tried to remain discreet, which isn’t easy for someone of his stature, before interrupting our pre-workout hype up bounce with an announcement that in fact we weren’t about to do a Winnipeg Gone Rogue workout but we were embarking on our first November Project Winnipeg adventure.

First day of the month has always been P.R. day for us and this was no exception; the visitors from near and far excelled with their first crack in the dreaded parking garage (also known as the largest/only hill in all of central Canada). However despite NP representation from multiple countries, one of our most faithful Winnipeg boys took home a new personal and tribe best PR with a whopping 58 points (lengths of the parking garage).  Fuck ya Graeme, and everyone else who took home a PR or just worked your ass off and got a sweat going despite the frosty temperature!

We were also super excited to have Bojan present our tribe with the Positivity Award, and explain the significance and history of it to our whole tribe on our first day representing NP. It was only appropriate to choose one of our most faithful, hard working, and by far youngest tribe members that has been attending since the early days of the workouts – congrats Lauren, and happy 12th birthday… You are an absolute star!

Lauren Positivity Award

We are pumped to be on this ride, we are pumped to grow our tribe and we are pumped to meet more NP tribe members from around the world. Next time you are in Winnipeg, make sure to reach out, we will be at the Forks at 6:10 every Wednesday and we are always up for a visit!

Cheers world,

Tom and Rick
November Project Winnipeg Co-Leaders

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