2016: NEW (York City)

2015 was an amazing year.  We saw some greatness throughout the year. Some highlights include but are not limited to:

Mansions 2.0, our current PR course, was created.  Oh and we made the NEWS.
– We let a real blogger person write the blog when we got Audited.  And just like the IRS, we still have not heard the results.  And that was the first workout where we did COOPERS.
– We share some love.  #FastAsSam
– Our “spring” #Sunrise6k was fucking cold.  So?
– Oh and then we made the news, again.  #PRINTMEDIALIVES
– We MADE THE NEWS in a country in Asia.  Still not sure what the story is about.  Possibly some cult.  #notacult
#ECSNY at Bear Mountain was awesome.  FUCKING AWESOME.
– We shut down two blocks in Manhattan. BECAUSE WE DID.
– We went to a completely different state.  A few people showed up.
– There was a summer #Sunrise6k, photo album is on the way.
– Fall Yearbook Photos, CHECK.
#NPSUMMIT was in Park City, UT.  Podium finish for the boys.  That little irishman.  Next time.
– First workout in da BRONX.  All FIVE Boroughs of NYC for Friday’s #DestinationDeck in one year? CHECK.
– NYC MARATHON WEEK: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, More Friday, Sunday #MILE7 And all of that with a side of media MASHED POTATOES
– We took over the Highline for #BetterThanBedtime
– We spread even more cheer this year for #NP_Carols
#paulleak had the worst excuse for missing the December #Sunrise6k.  Yea, I know.
– And, as of the final race of 2015, we raced over 9,000 miles in 900+ races.  Most of those competing as an official NYRR Club Team.  Thank you, Coach Myles! Your dedication and motivation helped set the stage for greatness.  By the way, I am only on Day 4 of the Ted Corbitt emails, did I miss anything?
– 100,000 PRs throughout the year*

I guess that is all that happened in 2015. This list is insane.  IMPRESSIVE.  Can you believe some of those up there? WOW.  2015 was a year to remember here in New York City.  Looking back over what the tribe has accomplished this year, John and I can only wonder what you all are going to do next year.  The city where dreams come true.  And there is nothing we cannot do together.  So, after the start of 2016 and a long weekend, we are going to jump into the new year rolling with some CHALLENGES.  Some of you might call them New Year’s Resolutions, but we don’t see them as that.  Everyone always says “this is the new year.”  Well, our challenge to you is make this year all about NEW.  NEW! NEW! NEW!

THE CHALLENGE 2016: All NEW Everything-
1. On #PRDay, set a PR. TWICE.  New PRs are always a good thing.
2. In one day, run farther than you have ever run before.  Find your day throughout the entire year, and run farther than you have ever run before.  (this is better with friends along the way).  NEW Distance PR, that has a nice ring to it.
3.  Sign up for and race a brand new distance or event.  Never done a Tri, Mud Run, Ragnar, do it.  Never done a 10k, 1 mile, 100 miler, make it happen.  2016, this is the NEW Year.
4. Every month, meet 6 new people at the workouts.  Then, meet those people at a time that is NOT 5:28am OR 6:28am Wednesday/Friday.  Spend time with these people doing more fitness. Or less, that is acceptable as well.  NEW friends, NEW fun.
5. Take 10 people you know.  Write their names down on a piece of paper.  Post that piece of paper somewhere.  Then, throughout the year, recruit each one of those people to show up to a workout.  TEN.  NEW recruits, more fun.

So there it is.  You have your tasks for 2016.  Make this New Year all about being NEW.  We want to see brand NEW people, brand NEW PRs, brand NEW you.  We are going to have some fun in 2016.  Get ready, because it is just starting now.


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