Fxck Cancer

Fuck Cancer.  That is what today was about.  Battling it out and never giving up.  Every Wednesday we come out and that is what we do.  Battle for 35-40 minutes of non-stop hardcore shit.  And you know who is THE #1 example of that?


Every fucking week Jeanie is there to push herself harder, faster, further.  And its not just her she is pushing.  She races anyone and everyone.  You line up next to this BAMF and you know.  ITS ON.  And she isn’t out there to prove some point or show how badass she is, she is there to push others and make everyone badass racers.  She will push you past your limits, do an extra lap or set of burpees.  And why? Because she loves this shit and each and every person that #JustShowsUp.  So while Jeanie was off beating the fuck out of cancer this morning, we toed that line and worked out our asses off, pushed each other and destroyed some steps.  Because everyone knows that is exactly the way she wants it.  And when she comes back. ITS FUCKING ON.

FRIDAY: Foley Square, 6:28 a.m.


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