Thank You For Being Here (NYC)

Our tribe was rocked this past weekend when we learned of the tragic loss of Samantha Dweck from #NPSF.  November Project is all about building community and family. Anyone who #justshowsup one day or every week builds our community, joins our family.  Losing a part of your family fucking sucks. It’s awful—no way around it.  

After a few days of floating around in a state of general shock from 3000 miles away, something #NPSF co-leader Laura said really hit home and made it feel inches away.  She wrote about how Sam was in all of the workout photos albums this past week and before, but won’t be in any this week and beyond. Wow. Even though most of us here in NYC had never met Sam, we knew her.  Sam was our teammate. Sam was our racer. Sam was our smiling sister. Sam was part of our family. And Sam will always be all of those things.

In times of loss it is easy to ask the question, “Why?” But after seeing all the photos of Sam and reading all the stories her tribe members shared, I find myself asking a different question. Instead of asking “Why did this happen?” we can start to move forward by asking ourselves “Why not?” Why not start to live life a little differently, a little better—a little more like Sam? A sledgehammer of perspective just got whacked over our heads. What could we be doing? What risks should we be taking? What part of our lives that we want to live are we not living?  Seize the fucking day!  

Live like Sam lived. Play like Sam played. Race like Sam raced. Hug like Sam hugged.  Love how Sam loved.

We did this at yesterday’s workout, and we’ll do it at tomorrow’s workout. Next week, and beyond. We got this!

We love you, Sam! We love you, San Francisco! We love you, November Project! Thank you for being HERE!









Friday’s workout: W. 68th & Riverside.  Bring plastic garbage bags, sleds, or anything else you can potentially slide on.,-73.9882242,18z 




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