Mansions 2.0 (NYC)

You ever have one of those days where you think something happened, you were there for when it happened, people took pictures of it happening, videos are going viral on the internet of it happening, but you still don’t believe that it happened? I mean today wasn’t one of those days specifically, but you ever have that happen? Then all you can do for the next 30 minutes is think about what happened, where are you, where did we come from, do Ross and Rachel have kids now? (Sorry Friends in on Netflix Instant- I mean those kids would be like what 10 years old now if they had them after they got married).  Wait, what happened today?


Oh that’s right…..MANSIONS 2.0.  The first #PRDay of 2015 saw us unveil a update, improved, and bad-ass course.  Remember the old Mansions course? Well now that version is out the door like Windows 98 and we are upgrading to Windows Vista. Taking into account the growing size, migration of the geese, wind conditions out of the North for the winter season, we decided two major changes to the course: 1) The course will flow in one direction and 2)The course is now 8 laps with a time cut off of 40mins.  Today was the day the tribe had been waiting for.  The gauntlet was put in front of them and the hammer was thrown down.  Conditions were dicey, steps were snowy, some ice in parts, and the tribe was patient and fierce.  It was an Oprah PR Day.



Also, HUGE BIG AWESOME thanks to the Fox 5 News NY and Anna Gilligan of Good Day NY coming out to work out with us this morning at 5:28 am and, take an early video and then one of the tribe.  Hit up Anna on Twitter and thank her for coming out today.  THANK YOU ANNA!


FRIDAY: NY Post Office (31st and 8th) Behind Penn Station/MSG.  Meet at the steps and be prepared to do a intensive stair based workout, unlike our normal #DestinationDeck workouts.

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