Mansions (NYC)

Today was something, that’s for sure. Today was a day that the tribe came together.  Today, the tribe put it all on the line.  Today was PR Day.

After months and months of training together, sweating together, hugging it out after a shitty workout, today was the day.  The people were waiting for it.  The people were asking for it.  Training and training, working harder and faster than before.  Today was not about the fastest dude out there.  Today was about a PR.  Personal Record.  Has nothing to do with that guy that is behind you or the girl sprinting ahead of you.  It is about setting the bar for yourself. knowing that bar, and then pushing that bar higher and higher each month.  Today was a baseline of that.  You have your time. You have the amount of loops complete.  You know the course now.  So lets see what you have next month.  Time to go faster, stronger.  First of the month, We run Mansions.

FRIDAY: Grand Army Plaza (59th and 5th, Across from the Apple Store). Remember, its special shirt day.


Here are the times from this week:

Name Time
Chris Mosier 14:28
Myles Fennon 13:47
Liz Lemon 15:06
Charles Scherr 15:20
Elleree 15:27
David 15:11
Alex 21:30
Andrew Lam 17:10
Jeff Todd 16:03
Anne Newman 21:36
Mariela W 23:50
Lucy Wallace 21:03
Christina Musso 18:54
Owen Roberts 16:53
Jesssica Snider-Rodriguez 17:10
Laura Walsh 21:41
Olivia Pitt 19:45
Kyra Rosow 17:02
Jess Harrington 18:36
Erica Pepitone 22:00
Erin Saunders 18:39
Kristen Anderson 18:36
Julie Scherr 18:44
Danny G 19:48
Ali White 19:46
Kate Bartan 17:48
Liza K 19:06
Jenny B 17:06
Brian Quinn 17:20
Leanne Weiner 20:44
Julia Siemoin 16:31
Chrsitine Scherr 18:07
Maki Shibata 18:51
Emily Daniels 4 loops
Jessica Straley 19:41
Emily Policano 19:41
Erin T. 23:06
Tenley Allen 19:54
Francie Shafer 18:36
Mike McLinden 19:09
Staci Wasco 17:47
Ali Tercek 16:11
Matt Gallira 17:38
Matt Powers 16:15
Jessica Defilippo 18:40
Sabrina Guarino 20:23
Jackie Bartolomeo 18:54
Susan Keappock 27:08
Melissa Tozar 17:21
Sarah Quinn 24:32
Sami Saad 20:08
Steph M 20:08
Liz Kennedy 19:15
Emily Mintz 19:15
Andrea Rodeschini 19:02
Kayla Monks 18:38.5
Melissa Nathansan 19:24
Rebecca Berg 19:27
Jamie Sukonnik 19:27
Laura Crawford 21:35
Jessica Buchta 20:21
Emilee Ballaro 22:09
Jenny Bartlett 21:14
Erica Rehbock 19:45
Natasha Benacerraf 23:06
Robert Molke 16:15
Meg Navatto 27:04
Erin Kelly 23:42
Nicki Brooks 17:00
Brian Hsia 19:28
Jack C 22:20
Peter Fetzer 17:29
Gabrielle Savary 24:30
Ilya Brukhman 18:41
Carly Weinreb 22:44
Vinny Piccoli 3 loops
Michael DiBlasi 15:06
Mary Arnold 18:10
Michael Scialo 19:02
Nina Morato 20:27
Lauren Wolman 17:10
Brandie Hopstein 23:30
Nathalie Kallan 26:09
Mollie Parks 26:09
Pete Navatto 18:17
Terry Kohler 20:59
Katherine Shea 25:14
Steve Mura 17:10
Emily Faherty 18:06
Benjamin Gross 18:33
John Honerkamp 14:20
Paulleak 13:29
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