After Fat Tuesday Comes Fast Wednesday (NYC)

This is an actual post-workout G-Chat conversation between Ali Feller and Lucy Wallace. It was not staged or planned, and Ali did not fix any of Lucy’s errant apostrophes.
Ali:  Lucy! I think I speak on behalf of at least 65% of the #NP_NYC tribe when I say we were so excited to welcome you back today! Was it everything you remembered and more?
Lucy:  Considering how many new faces there were, I will HAPPILY take that 65%
Ali:  OK so maybe more like 40% then.
Lucy:  Rude, but I’ll still take it
Ali:  My excitement single-handedly counts for 25% of that.
Lucy:  And it was definitely a good ol’ #NP_NYC Grotto Wednesday, with some new added flare. And I’m not just talking about my struggle to not eat shit and wipe out in the snow and ice.
Ali:  OK so since you’ve been gone (cue Kelly Clarkson lyrics, but the Pitch Perfect version), we’ve changed things up a bit.
Lucy:  Oh most definitely — no full loops of each side of the Grotto.
Ali:  Right. Because of “the elements.” Slush and ice and that lady who walks her chihuahuas in her stroller. We can never seem to escape her.
Lucy:  Hey it’s dangerous out there! I wouldn’t want to be walking around if I were those little animals either
Ali:  Tiny dogs = #notweatherproof. Also #lazy.

Lucy: Despite the snow and ice, it was a really solid workout this morning. And I’m happy to say I only got lost and wound up in Bill de Blasio’s living room once. Which, is surprisingly well decorated.

Ali: Yeah, I liked that instead of having us do lunges or squats or any variation of standing exercises, John and #paulleak had us getting down and literally very dirty with push-ups, mountain climbers, and Cooper’s-style burpees. My mittens are also not #weatherproof. Plus we got a lot of running in!

Lucy:  I agree — as much as I was complaining about my wet gloves during the process, hands burried in snow and slush while banging out 20 push-ups can make you feel pretty bad ass. Running to warm you up, and hands in snow to cool you down. Ultimate weatherproof mix.
Ali:  Plus, we had some extra motivation. CO-FOUNDER BOJAN WAS THERE. And you can’t mess around when he’s watching and busting ass alongside you.
Lucy:  Fuck yeah he was! That dude is SO kick ass. Kinda like a workout mullet: business in the front (AKA the workout) and party in the back (post-workout jokes and speeches)
Ali:  Confession (a la Usher): His speech actually made me tear up a little.I really loved what he said about how he and Brogan showed up for each other, but it’s the co-leaders who make each city so powerful and special, and the communities they’ve built are the ones that keep it all moving and working and sweating and #fuckyeah-ing.
Lucy:  It was so good! All of the tribe leaders love to give kudos to Bojan and BG for starting this madness many Novembers ago, but it really is the leaders in each city that have helped build it into this. And as a bi-coastal NP nomad, I can say it’s true in every city I’ve worked out in thus far.
Ali:  #Paulleak and John Honerkamp, I’m confident we speak for 100% of the tribe (OK, 99% for sure) when we say, THANK YOU. We really love you guys.
Ali:  On that note, Friday is the #Sunrise6K. I’m not always a great listener, so here’s Lucy to tell you more about that… I do know that it will be “contained to Central Park,” which is very exciting! And I’m pretty sure John is cooking us all post-6K chocolate chip pancakes at his apartment.
Lucy:  It’s going to be COLD. So bring those layers, just show up, and we are going to KICK SOME 6K ASS.
Ali:  So it’s just straight running, right? No burpees, no dips, no pauses for selfies even if the sunrise is really special that day?
Lucy:  Absolutely not. This is serious fucking business. Every tribe is doing one of these Sunrise 6ks and we are going to be FAST, FURIOUS, and #WEATHERPROOF here in NYC. (Selfies after though, of course) 6:04 AM. 85th and 5th. Be there, or be lame.  Bag Check at John’s apartment (248 E.71st Apt 3N) at 5:30am Sharp! Text him or facebook message him to confirm and to let him know you’re outside his place.   
Ali:  “We run this shit.” —Missy Elliott, and also me, re: #Sunrise6K
Lucy:  “WHO RUNS 6KS? NP_NYC” (a la Queen B)
Ali:  “It’s a party in the U.S.A.” —Miley. That one is less specific to the 6K, but always applicable.
Lucy:  It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine” —Biggie. Oh, I thought we were just playing lyric games…

Ali:  See you Friday, Starbucks lovers. We can show you incredible things.

—–30 seconds later——

Ali:  I feel like we didn’t talk in all-caps enough. Should we do it all over again?
Lucy:  Yeah, and speaking of, we should mention something about how we wore beads.
Ali:  Yup. I will add that in nonchalantly.
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