Recipe for Sweaty Success (SD)


Recipe for Sweaty Success:


One part odds (substitute evens if necessary)

2 handfuls of bunny hops

2 servings of full frontal stairs

10 heaping cupfuls of skips


1 teary eyed Positivity Award winner



100+ crowdsourced photos


Blend well, season appropriately with hugs, high fives, and Fuck Yeahs to taste, and you’ll end up with one pot of delicious, sweaty success.


Boring but Important Things:

– Homework: post the photos you took today on November Project SD’s Facebook wall and tag them #novemberprojectSD on Instagram.

– Homework part 2: research the other 15 tribes. Pick your favorite leader and dress as them Monday. The most epic battle of all time is going down.

– Homework part always: BE HAPPY, BE STRONG, BE BRIGHT SD!

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