Protect the D: #SUNRISE6K (NYC)

Woke up and looked outside.  A little windy.  Read accuweather app for updated temperature/real feel.  Temp: 7; Real Feel: -18.  Thank god, because if the weather today was anything like the weather last Friday, our asses would be in some serious trouble.  Luckily the winds held off and our asses held on for this little adventure we called “Protect ya D: #SUNRISE6k, NYC Edition.”

Before Coach or I arrived at the workout, everyone was already bouncing.  It was 5:50- seriously? C’mon guys, we know I fucked up the bounce at 5:28 on Wednesday but- YEA IT WAS AWESOME.  The energy that was flowing through everyone to start the race was there.  Eager to get on that starting line.  No one knew what the course was or where they would be finishing- some couldn’t even find the finish line after we described the course once or twice.  If anyone can think of a strong cheer with to the Bring it On Brrrrrrrrr….. please send that over to me.  It seems that we are more musically on que when we meet up on the west side.  Celebrations are in order for the winners, Fabio and Alex.  Anthony, your determination to finish was so strong today, even after you got lost, that we loved it.  You won yourself the most coveted prize of the day and remember, you do get to keep the barbie.  On a final note, if you are a male and its below 30 degrees outside, get ya -self some protection.  Stuff gets cold, so shove some plastic down there and warm up.


Also, our audit came back from corporate.  We passed, slightly above Milwaukee, but still no where near Denver & Minneapolis.  San Fran, we know there has been some jive back and forth and we have one response to it: BRING IT ON.  Someone told us that “65 with a chance of rain….” was reasons people don’t show up out there.  Or is it that people are actually able to understand what that Irish bloke is actually saying.  Heard your audit went OK.  Our audit was bigger, balder, and wore out his #Grassrootsgear.

WEDNESDAY: Bridge Day (102nd and Randall’s Island).  Tracker = #VERBAL.

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