NP Boston has balls

We have balls.

Big, round, heavy balls.

Cold balls?

Ok, balls made of snow…wrapped in bags. Which allowed us to do a slew of awesome movements FOR FREE this morning under a dirty weird underpass at Charlesgate East, where Storrow Drive, Beacon St, and BU campus intersect.  It was muddy, snowy, and badass.  It only seems right that last week we were up to our balls in snow during the Wed track-in-lieu-of-stadium workout, and now we’re handling balls like champs. Yeah, it’s only right.  Because we do weird, fun, badass shit at NP.  And especially in Boston.  Here we know how to take snow, make balls, and play with them.

group balls of snow

This morning’s workout consisted of 16 hard minutes of work.  We used our balls (of snow) like medicine balls, and did 10 reps of the following movements:

Ball squat to overhead throw (at the overpass wall)

Walking lunges with ball held overhead

Zombie walks with arms out straight holding ball

One Arm push-ups (one hand on ball, one on ground)

Ball Plank-ups or “Fancy Planks” (feet on ball, move in plank position up to hands, one at a time, and back down)

Side ball jump overs (jumping laterally back and forth over the ball)

Side toe taps (stepping laterally over the ball with one foot, tapping the other toe down and back to the other side)

180’s (facing the ball, jumping over the ball while rotating 180 degrees to land facing the other side of the ball)

Flamingo drops (standing on one leg, holding the ball, bringing ball to standing toe and raising back leg up in the air)

I know there were a lot of exercises and I think I remembered them all.  If I forgot one, I’m sure that someone will read this and remember and remind me.  Someone will for sure notice if there is one missing from the above list, because you loved it.  Or hated it.  And either way you’re glad you #JustShowedUp to get some awesome Monday morning hugs and get dirty playing with balls

(of snow).

And Evan reminded us to keep playing with our balls (of snow) or with other weighted things, and generally to keep moving in interesting ways that help us build strength and avoid injury when so many of us are doing looooong runs as we train for marathons or just do a lot of straight forward running.  Definitely keep doing things like we did this morning to balance out your training!

So… SUNRISE 6K anyone????

On Wednesday morning… In exactly 45 hours and 13 minutes from the exact moment I’m writing this, we will be starting the 5:30 November Project Sunrise 6kAnd 46 hours and 13 minutes until the 6:30 start.

The race entry fee is $0.  Sign up here to race. When do you ever get put your toe on the line and race your ass off for free?  GET READY FOR THIS.  It will be like nothing else you’ve ever done before.  Bring everyone you know.  There will be prizes.  All the other NP tribes are doing it, and we’re doing it too. It’s the last Wed of the month and WE WILL RACE! What else do I have to say?  Get your ass to the stadium parking lot on Wednesday morning.

Just Fucking Show Up!

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