Last night, I went down to 48th and 6th.  I ran around the 4 block area that we were about to take over in less than 12 hours.  The vibe of city was out: cabs flying by, dudes selling “meat products” on the street corners, the bright lights of Radio City, tourists taking photos.  Then you think about what it will look like in a few hours.  Two words that we have deal with once, maybe more.

Limits were pushed today.  MAXING OUT.  Each workout progressively getting harder and harder.  Never stopping, always pushing.  You feel that you are about to drop and give up.  Then you hear your neighbor telling you to keep pushing; don’t stop, keeping going….WE GOT THIS.  We have this every day and that is what gets you through that last 5 minutes of burpees.  That last set of box jumps.  Maybe Jason is being a Negative Nancy today. Shame on you Jason.  Penance will be dealt to you later.  We thank Courtney for being out there today representing Print Media.  More on that to come later.


Next week is another week of workouts.  Yay.  Wait, what is next week? Isn’t March 1 on Sunday? Isn’t that the one year anniversary of when the #TURBO15 became a real thing? You bet your ass it is.  So get ready for a HUGE day, #PRDay and nothing more.  There will not be surprises. End of blog.

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