Warm Welcome to #Turbo15 – November Project Surges & Now Owns 15 Cities

Yes, November Project was a few dudes in Boston who started training on 1/11/11 with an attempt to train for free at a high level no matter what the weather brought their way. Yes, November Project grew in Boston in 2012 and has become the most fun this city has ever seen. Yes, the first new tribe in Madison turned into SanFran, into Edmonton, DC, Denver, San Diego. That was the #Powerful7 of 2013. When Baltimore, Indianapolis, and Philly jumped in after pledging for 2+ months earlier in 2014 we had the #Power10. Yes, we were beyond happy with a 10 tribe family. Yes, we had a hold on North America. And YES, today we took another giant step forward.

We couldn’t be more proud to share this cold morning with all of your smiling faces as we officially welcome the newest November Project tribes of NYC, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. We all have contributed in building this beast. We’ll call this beast the #Turbo15. Here they are from East to West…

NEW YORK CITY NOTES by John Honerkamp:

We celebrated our first official workout today as “NP NYC” and were rewarded with the best weather we’ve had in seven weeks (28 degrees, overcast, and a nice breeze of 10mph). We had a PR for attendance which included 5 newbies (one was Emily who we pulled from her regular morning jaunt) + a reporter and a camera guy from a NYC newspaper.

We met at our usual spot, Gracie Mansion (Mayor DiBlasio’s pad), did our tribal chants and welcome, before trotting over to Charles Shultz Park (30 sec jog). We broke the tribe into two groups and then pairs. Our coupled brethren alternated between doing stair/grotto loops and core (push-ups, planks, burps, dips, and dancing). Two sets of that while blasting the soundtrack from our 1984 Pump Up Mixx was just the wake-up call we needed this morning. Our workout concluded with a relay race, a group hug, and singing Happy Birthday to our badass bearded co-leader Paul.

Other highlights included a few waves from NYPD police officers who were on patrol in their light-flashing patrol van, startling a few local neighbors walking their dogs, and a few hugs from two older women who were power-walking along the promenade… and that was all before we even got going.

We’re excited to join the other tribes as we start the already legendary #Turbo15 – Please send your NYC friends and family our way. The tribe is strong.

NP NYC Turbo15

MILWAUKEE NOTES by Dan Graham AKA “Deege”

Milwaukee might never thaw out after this winter but the tribe from 2014 has proven to be #weatherproof beyond expectation. Friends have brought friends. Daughters have brought dads. And self-described “lazy basterds” have proven themselves strong. Can’t for for every Wednesday for the rest of time. The tribe is here.


19 Minnesotan met today’s still-starry morning to endure the seemingly endless winter elements. Each one of us had the right to remain under our blankets, hit the snooze, and wait for the sun to tell us to get out of bed. But this tribe is stronger than that. Instead we drove, jogged, and biked through the snow, slush, and darkness to call in the morning with an unknown workout. We only knew that it would be difficult. Mentally, we were already stronger upon showing up.

12 total loops around “The Ring,” mingled with ‘hoisties,’ ‘flying dutchmen,’ and burpees made for a loud and sweaty morning. Jeff Sereno, Brothers Broshat, and BCoop rose to the responsibility of ending our workout through their own individual efforts. They were heroes today.

We will all proceed today in classrooms, cubicles, and skyscrapers feeling fulfilled that we started our days at a high velocity. We are the November Project MSP tribe and we’ll be back in one week.


LOS ANGELES NOTES by Orrin Whalen:

The sun sprinkled over Tinsel Town and people a like were waking up running across the Hollywood walk of fame, trekking from the dreaded valley or even dropping your husband off at work. The Jurassic Park looking mist made the sky glow bright as the crazies gathered on the outside of the bowl.

To celebrate Mardi Grad, a day late, beads were passed out to those who showed positivity and sheer badassy-ness. With a little warm up we ran to Hollywood Blvd and screamed and cheered in the tunnel underpass. The tribe is excited. We really hit the pavement partnering up with wheel barrow races and piggy back rides like true John Wayne look a likes. The tribe is silly.

Getting to the bulk of our work out we partnered up doing five exercise. In between each exercise we added an additional set of stairs. Hoisties (a NP Wisconsin creation) were introduced, high five push ups exchanged, burpees thrown down, v-up freeze holds held, and supermans annihilated. The tribe is solid.

In recap of the randomness:
A construction worker kindly rejected beads almost as if it was a kiss.
Our fastest partners, Angelo and Vance, were rewarded with the famous “Go Girl” soda (Not only are they fast dudes but also motivators)
Betty, the wife of the grounds keeper of the Bowl, joined us for the workout to see what the madness was all about. A positive spirit that represents the tribe.

Here’s to those that have made the tribe strong thus far and here’s to all those that will join us in the future. You are all welcome here. The tribe has spoken.

NP LA Turbo


The lines of communication are running slow in this part of California. Sorry about this kind of showing on our day one. We’ll get you a full update soon. The tribe is busy.

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