Rock the Rock (NYC)

When planning the workouts John and I take lots of time to plan out where we are going, what we are doing, the ins and outs…. You know the details. Our workout today took us to 30 Rock and the famous Rockefeller Plaza.  We had to pull an audible based on some silly thing called “private property.” But hey, we are agile, nimble, and able to adapt to whatever people or the world throws at us.  We are making this world a better place, even if it is one person at a time.  Our workout got adapted across the plaza, with some partner dips, and a walk the plank at the end.  I was close to walking the plank with our friend.    Our workout kicked some people’s ass, especially our visitors from three different tribes: SF, BOS, PHL.  Loving the love


So early on we had our run in with “The Law” or should we say the law of the property.  Our friend here was not pleased with our usage of the equipment nor how we were “scaring people as they were on their way to work.”  You know, a mob of 60 fit people bouncing and smiling giving a rousing “GOOD MORNING” could be scary to some people.  ESPECIALLY scary for those people that don’t show up.  Our goal at November Project is to spread the vibes of #FREEFitness and #Community through our positive vibes, smiles, sweaty hugs, and getting everyone to experience that at our workouts.  Even spectators like to join in sometimes.  But hey, some people are set in their ways and never going to change.


To my friend the security guard: I hope that you have a fantastic day, that you smile more, and that one day you can come and workout with us.  We would love to have you out so that you too can see what we are all about.  I respect  the job you have and know that it is not easy.  Spread love, not hate.    –Paulleak


WEDNESDAY: Rise & Grind with us at 5:28 am, 6:30 am at the  Gracie Mansion Flagpole.  Our push to #3014 is not stopping and will not stop.

Homework: Give a stranger a compliment.  Have a conversation with them.  Open up communication with someone.  Pick your head up from your phone and engage someone in this city that you never have before.  Maybe its that girl you see on the subway going home from work that you think is cute.  Maybe its the person behind the counter at Starbucks getting your coffee on the way to work.  Maybe not the guy in the corner of the subway station taking a piss all over a poster for Blacklist, but you should be able to find one person.  Maybe two, but that could be pushing it.  Or…..

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