Too many thanks (BAL)

It’s safe to say that November Project is the only way I would have wanted to start my birthday morning.

I mean, getting out of a warm bed into the cool air is probably one of the worst advancements of our time (as it should definitely be appropriate to walk around with a comforter). Of course I would have loved to start the twenty-fourth year off with the sun already risen, but then I realized that it’s Friday and it’s #hillsforbreakfast. You’re out of bed and it’s done; and it’s the BEST decision you made that morning, this morning, and birthday morning.

It’s Friday, October 3rd and I can 100% say we ran hills, made awkward eye contact, and hoistie-d like we were having zero fun sir. I’m rarely fooled, but what happened afterwards is what got me. A computer was busted out and started bumpin’ in the speaker and I heard voices of those 50, 100, and 3,000 miles away — people I love and cherish from #NP17 and beyond:


To be a part of this community…how does one even begin to explain? It’s like having your running idol, your annoying brother, your drunk best friend, and your bat-shit crazy aunt all rolled into one person, one tribe, one movement. And I’m obsessed. I’m head over heels in love with this thing called November Project because it exists outside of me and outside of you. It brings together strangers, shows them true love, and pushes people to strive harder to be better than themselves for the sake of themselves and for the sake of our culture and cities. It’s each and every one of you that makes this tribe and this grassroots fitness movement better. And THAT is the best birthday present I could ask for: just showing up, smiling, and being a part of something bigger than ourselves.

So needless to say: thank you. You make #NP_BAL better and you make me better. So much love flowing right now that it’s kind of hard to handle.


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