So yeah, it’s still February.  I realize that in New England it’s not quite spring yet.  Not at all, not for a long time after all the snow we’ve had.  But there was something about this morning that created a sense of hope–of inspiration that the warmth is coming, the snow will go away, the birds will come back and sing early in the morning, the sun will be up earlier and earlier, and eventually we will run without layers and layers of clothes.  Spring is coming.

This morning almost felt warm compared to some of the frigid days we’ve had lately.  I was taking pictures this morning and I definitely captured a couple dudes showing leg hair, so that’s a good sign.  There were sunrise photos taken before the workout even started, there were a couple brave birds chirping, and the kind of energy that feels new and exciting like springtime was palpable as we ran the Adventure Loop again today.  What inspired me today was seeing people’s faces lit up by the brilliant sun.  Seeing your smiles as you cruised up, shuffled up, struggled up, floated up…just GOT UP the hill today.  People kept telling me how beautiful sunrise running was on Mason Terrace. There were SO MANY smiles today.  It was like everyone really appreciated being able to run today and it showed.  Knowing that you could be stuck at home, or even cozy at home in bed, but because you were out there getting your very own free fitness this morning, you really felt alive.  I realize it might sound a little corny, but this morning really felt like a new beginning for me.  As if all the snow the past few weeks threw us off our game, but we’re finally starting to settle in and own the city again. We are finding our way, finding and creating our running paths, getting comfy in our single-file stay-t0-the left running routes.  WE ARE RUNNING and nothing is going to stop us.  That’s what November Project really does for us…it both gives us the accountability to show up together and never be held back by lack of motivation or drive within us on any particular day, but it also gives us a determination to never be stopped by the elements outside of us.  When there’s cold, we will run.  When there’s snow, we will run.  When there’s barely anywhere to go, we will still come together and freaking run.  We are #Weatherproof.  We #RiseAndShine.  #TheTribeIsStrong.

kosta PAWhat you need to know:

You ran this morning?  Track the number of laps you ran!

You want to come on Monday? Bring a DURABLE bag for medicine balls made of snow. Destination Deck will be AWESOME.  Verbal now and get the exact location. There may or may not be snow underfoot, but that’s OK because you’re #weatherproof.

The group photo is not a documentation of a tribe of cult followers. It is in fact, a group of badass athletes who brought a little swagger and attitude to the photo by posing like Usain Bolt.  #ItsNotACult  See below.

#WeekendEarnedgroup photo

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