2015: The Year of the…


A Year of Celebration…

Our resident three year old may have had the greatest birthday party a human being has ever had. For that sunny morning in Corona Heights, Tommy Fisher was the king of the fucking prehistoric and present day world. We’re excited to see what Sunish’s planning has in store for Tommy’s fourth birthday in 2016. Get your tickets to Vegas!


A Year of Racing…

2015 saw tribe members push boundaries taking on a whole array of races, with Ironman triathlons, beer miles, alley races, 50 milers, 1000m kids races and crushing them all in the same enthusiasticly ecstatic yet balls-to-the-wall attitude we exude so well. The year also saw NPSF dominate the November Project #Sunrise6K, being twice elected as world champions at 6000m. Will we retain our title in the winter 2015 race? Let’s see on January 8th when we take the pavement of AT&T Park for the San Francisco leg. The Laura & Paddy co-leader pairing (feat. the blue ankled Coach Dan) also crushed the Marathon Relay at the third NP Summit in Park City, Utah. NPSF weren’t happy with that though. We took first and second place in the Marin Headlands event in December. Boom!



summit podium

The Year of the #EarlyGang and the tweeners…

And Michelle Obama Donut Mondays… and PBR Wednesdays. We saw the rebellious side of the SF Tribe in #FlatitudeGate2014, but 2015 took it to a whole new level. Clayton’s introduction of a 5:30AM Wednesday and Friday workout was the spark in the fire, as the Tribe started renegade Tweener workouts, where the members would not only take on a 5:30 and 6:30 workout, but also crush an abductor-heavy 6:05AM workout too. And also crush donuts and PBRs.


The Year of the #WorldTakeover…

Here in San Francisco, we hosted visitors from across all of the Tribes of the November Project… from Bojan-led bounces on the Batteries to ECSCA takeovers by the #Iron26. Now, standing at 30 cities across USA, Canada, Iceland and Serbia, I feel 2016 might see a whole other level of November Project traverbaling across the world. Remember if work, school or play brings you to another city, check and see if there’s a NP tribe there. They’ll take you under their wing.


A Year of Exploration…

On Fridays, we took to every corner of our city to find new trails, see new sights and oddly enough, go swimming with dolphins. We peaked Mount Davidson. Found a trail playground utopia in Sutro Forest. Shouted across the Berkeley Hills. Where is 2016 going to take the Tribe? And what new aquatic friends will we meet?


The Year of the #Dooster_Pledge….

We all tried our damndest to emuluate Ryan and Dylan’s photographic genius, and take the coveted third spot in the Dooster Duo. But I think we’re starting to realise, it’s hard to match the two boys doing what they do best.



But most of all, 2015 was the Year of Sam…

Our backwards-hat wearing antelope & low-key master of sass & floral-wearing kale farmer & badass chef & loud giggler & sustainability advocate & temporary-tat-wearing gymnastics champion & curl queen & lover. On January 25th, we lost our friend, Sam Dweck, in a kayaking accident in Humboldt County. In the days and months since, the outpouring of support from people and Tribes across the continent and world was so strengthening for myself, Dan and Laura… for the NPSF Tribe… for Sam’s closest friends… and for Sam’s family. As Laura put it in the blog below: “From coast to coast, the November Project cities reached out to NPSF and offered words of comfort and support. They sent heartfelt messages to people they have never met, but felt like family. THAT is a ‘tribe.’ THAT is the glue that has held our world together, when we felt like it was falling apart. THAT is why I have never felt more proud or believed more strongly in the power of what this fitness movement is creating around the globe.”





So here we are, one day into 2016. Come join us in Fort Mason, in Alta Plaza, at our various San Francisco hills. Bring your friends. Bring your family. Join our November Project family. You won’t regret it!

laura fly


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