On A Boat (NYC)

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The Isle of Staten.  Staten Island.  Today we worked out on a boat.  40 people rose out of their beds, before 5 a.m.– because lets be honest to get to the Ferry Terminal by 5:48 a.m. A small crowd formed early, then slowly but surely we saw more and more people arrive.  ZERO expectations except perhaps the one on most people’s minds: PLEASE DON’T LET ME GET TRAPPED IN STATEN ISLAND.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Ferry and the Island.  There is a calm, ease to the Island Life that you just don’t get living on this larger island called Manhattan.  As we gathered we……


WAIT WAIT WAIT.  WE WORKED OUT ON A FUCKING BOAT TODAY.  Like that doesn’t happen. 40 People braved the waters of where the Hudson meets the East River and travel to Staten Island.  Now, not that we are trying to say something about the island itself, but we did hop back on the very next ferry to head back.  As we sweated and pushed ourselves, just not overboard.  And as people sat by and read the NY Times or the Daily News, they looked on in amazement….bewilderment….. probably more with a WTF look on their face.  And why that face? Because 40 people are doing a badass workout, for some reason smiling during it, and doing it on this boat that is just dull we brought it to life.  Today, everyone showed NYC what it means to workout with us and they will never forget it.

WEDNESDAY: Bridge Day/ #GrassrootsGear day. One item, BLACK PAINT ONLY.

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