Ballers and Shot Callers (DEN)

We may not have any Globetrotters in our tribe (yet), but we certainly have some ballers! We hooped it up, and swished this workout. You all earned 3 points and a double dribble. Free throw. Basket. Point Guard… I don’t know basketball. I bet you couldn’t even tell. I do know Space Jam though. And I know that Michael, Bugs, and Bill would have been super impressed by our athletic prowess on the basketball field. Maybe not… again… I don’t know basketball.

What I do know is that it was awesome to have a little switch up today. I love that hill. You love that hill. Why wouldn’t we? But did you even know that there was a park right next to it? There’s more than just pavement in that area! AWESOME! I KNOW! That’s what this is all about. Exploring. Exploring our environment to see how we can get a good workout. Exploring each other to see what kind of people we are. We are curious people. Not just us. Everybody. But we need to keep exploring to fuel that curiosity… otherwise we forget about it. That’s why we add a little spice to the workouts. Even our faithful, tried and true workouts like Little Man Hill. We don’t just do it to do it. Well we do. We don’t just do it to mess with you all. We do that too. We mainly do it to explore. To find fun new ways to interact with our environment, each other, and ourselves. Sometimes we look silly. Like when 30 people miss a shot in a row. Sometimes we look awesome. Like when multiple people nail granny shots in a row! Really though, who looks sillier… someone doing something silly or someone doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over…. and over again? I think you know my answer?

That’s all. That’s what I’ve got. Take whatever you want from it. But mainly take away that I want you to do something silly for the sake of it being different than what you usually do. Who knows… maybe you should even take a picture. Maybe you should take that picture and put it on our Facebook page. Maybe if you do I’ll do something kinda neat with them. Maybe.

Go leave everything sillier than you found it,
~Sargento “Selly” Sellen

WED: Civic Center Park 5:30/6:15am

AUG 15: O2X race || Discount Code: November || Team Name: November Project 5280

the 5:30 squad

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