The United State of Women – San Diego Edition

Guest blog by NPSD member, Stefanie Sullivan. You can find this little firecracker running 5 to 30 miles before our workouts start. And she’ll be putting on a special pop-up on Tuesday, June 14 at 6:29 AM. So ladies, listen up.

Hi there.

My name is Stefanie, otherwise known as the short one in the front. Normally when I read guest posts on NP blogs I get all emotional and basically cry my eyes out like a three year old who tried to lick their ice cream and ended up pushing that sweet, delicious mound of chocolate chip cookie dough goodness right off the cone and onto the sidewalk. Not this time!

On Tuesday, June 14th, something huge is happening. The first ever United State of Women summit is going down in DC, with some powerful women coming together to discuss gender equality. Kaelan, co-leader of NPDC, apparently found out about this through her borderline creepy obsession with First Lady Michelle Obama (hey, I ain’t judging. Have you SEEN her arms? #jelly). To join the movement, NPDC decided to host a pop-up ALL FEMALE workout on Tuesday morning.

United State of Women - NPSD

The Philly tribe joined in. And Chicago. LA. Denver. Baltimore. Phoenix. Madison… Possibly more. I first found out about this when our new co-leader, you know, the one with the calves, posted a link to the NP_LAX blog detailing their plans for Tuesday. Holy FOMO. Working in a very much male-dominated STEM field, these kinds of events speak to me. I made some little comment on the post about a girl’s Track Tuesday, though I felt bad about kicking the guys out since we just started back up – plus Romero kind of verballed and that’s a pretty big deal. ANYWAY, much to my surprise and delight, Euge reached out to me and asked if I wanted to organize and host the United State of Women workout for NPSD. I immediately had the classiest lady-like response in my head:

Fuck. Yes.

Ladies of San Diego, get in formation. We too will be throwin’ down a pop-up workout. I have no idea what we’re doing yet, but it will be epic AF. We will be at Kate Sessions Park in PB for two sorta obvious reasons: 1) It’s named after Kate Sessions, who was pretty fucking rad. I mean she’s the “Mother of Balboa Park”, the location of our beloved Wed morning workouts! You can thank her for all the pretty trees there. 2) it’s where NPSD all started – led by 3 badass chicks. Sorry boys, you can’t sit with us (we still love you though!).

Who: Ass-kicking, fierce-racing, strong, sweaty-hug-loving women (pssst, that’s you). Wear your #grassrootsgear

What: Pop-up Workout

When: Tuesday, June 14th at 6:29 am

Where: Kate O. Sessions Memorial Park in Pacific Beach

Why: Who run the world?

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