Sunken Treasures (YEG)

A Recap of this Morning

  • We gathered – the sun was out, that was really nice
  • We bounced – made the “E” shake, that made Nadim a little nervous
  • We listened – Andrew described that we’d be seeking out underwater treasures, “look for the diving rings without centers, also known as pucks in the middle of the pool”
  • We splished & splashed – got a little wet, you are all great sports!
  • We found sunken treasures – burpees, squat jumps, leg lowers, pushups, wall sits, lunges, pool sprints, NP gold!
  • We celebrated a birthday – birthday water bumps were naturally a part of said celebration
  • We posed – group picture captured by the giant mosquito
  • We hugged – sweaty or just wet from the pool, doesn’t really matter
  • We departed – said our goodbyes and sent everyone off with a pretty great start to the week!

Today was so much fun I think we should plan to gather again…Wednesday, Commonwealth Stairs!


Wednesday – Commonwealth Stadium Gate 2 – 2 start times:

  • 5:30 AM Sharp for those who are going to go full out for 59 minutes to challenge the ol96er (entire stadium – lower & upper bowls…all the gristle)
  • 6AM for a regular NP morning of stairs

Friday – Walterdale Hill – 6AM

July 14-16 – NP Summit – The largest November Project event of the year will be in Blue Mountain, ON where all 29 tribes will gather. Find out more info here or talk to one of us at the next workout

Until next time…SMILE! J

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