The November Project Summit 2016 – Plan, Hype, & General Expectations

The #NPSUMMIT, for those of you who have never been, is the biggest NP gathering that takes place only once a year. The weekend has an energy that is unmatched and has grown into a homecoming feel that Co-Leaders and members all get to share. What started as a way to get all the of leaders around one table back in 2013 has grown into something bigger and better than we could ever imagine. The November Project Summit will not disappoint. Join us.

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Below are the essentials you need to know.

THURSDAY, July 14th, hundreds will travel to Blue Mountain, Ontario. We suggest staying in or around this area so you’re ready to go bright and early on Friday morning.

Friday morning at 6:29 AM – POPUP: Meetup Location – Blue Mountain Resort Village parking lot. Like most NP mornings, you can expect a workout, a few thousand hugs, and way too much social media before and after (during? don’t social media during the workout!). If you’re like most of us and feel a bit like the Tin Man after traveling, we’re also going to host an official warmup that starts at 6:15AM sharp.

Friday Afternoon/Night: You’re on your own. Hike, chill, hydrate, dehydrate, or whatever you’d like. Our full Saturday is going to be so legit that we highly recommend you prepare. Is preparation not your thing? Search #NPSUMMIT when you’re LIVE on location during your Friday to see what other like-minded NP people are up to, and join them for a day of activities.

SATURDAY, 10 AM, we race. The North Face Endurance Challenge at Blue Mountain is a legit race. This year, like the summits of the past, we’re entering the Marathon Relay event. We highly encourage you to sign up your team of 2, 3, or 4 athletes to take on the 4 relay loops that add up to 26 miles. Feeling adventurous or badass? 50 miler, 50k, or a full marathon may be your jam. Use the code NPON25 to take 25% off the registration… but hurry before the event becomes too full. This will be an all morning/early afternoon event so plan to stick around and support as long as you can at the transition area/beer tent/med tent.

SATURDAY NIGHTThe Official NP Party, known as “The NP Olympics” is going to be insane. A giant thanks for the connection with have with runWestin, who’ll be hosting the events, dancing, drinking, jams, dancing, and more.

SAD SUNDAY – Drive, crawl, train, bus, fly home. Prepare to join your tribe for another amazing week of workouts.

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