In The Tribe, We Trust

My name is Mel and I am an ass out hugger.

The first time I went to NPYVR was very memorable (not just for me, but for a few others) – I was told as I left the truck “Oh, by the way, they hug” … “Ok, NEAT.”

I proceed (with caution) into the group and the leaders approach me – one of which I have known for a few years (Graham) and of course, Richard. We hug it out… Or so I thought. As the bounce commenced, I was then CALLED OUT for my ass out hugging. This is something I have done for years – whether it has to do with being tall, a family thing or maybe an underlying trust thing. Regardless, I had to adjust my hugging technique to a HIPS IN stature. SUPER NEAT. So there I was, hugging strangers; however, that was it, I was IN. I was part of this group, this family, this circle of trust. But remember, this is NOT A CULT. hahaha

TRUST is an big issue and yet, with NP, it’s basically implied. For example, this week we had 3 NP LAXers come to our workout Wednesday morning. They had posted on our page requesting a place to crash and without hesitation, one of our esteemed tribe mates offered her couch and floor to the young lads. This is what it’s all about! Countless times I have picked up and driven “strangers” to a workout without a second thought. No STRANGER DANGER thoughts whatsoever. It just seems like the normal thing to do. What an amazing concept NP has created – what a welcoming group. We are finally breaking out of our bubbles we have created – hugging strangers, high fiving, supporting one another, worrying about injuries or why someone didn’t make it out, getting excited to hear about upcoming events or travels had. Everyone involved is so genuinely happy and concerned for one another, it really does give you all the feels. WOW. just WOW.

November Project has definitely restored my faith in humanity – sounds a little deep and profound, but it’s true. Hundreds, possibly and potentially thousands of people are going to be part of the NP family; more brothers and sisters, more cousins all of who we immediately trust. Whether it’s for a HIPS IN hug, a ride to a workout, to be a teammate or a place to crash, we have this huge trustworthy network to rely on … AND THAT’S AMAZEBALLS. I scrolled through the #np_pledge and could not be more excited for the tribes pledging… SASKATOON! LONDON! DALLAS! AMSTERDAM! WHITEFISH! HONG KONG!

IT’S REALLY HAPPENING!! #worldtakeover #fuckyeah #thetribeisstrong

Quick shout out to a few awesome NPYVR peeps:

Congrats Alexa on winning the Mountain Sexual Award – he may have looked fast, but you smoked him!

Congrats Matt on winning the Positivity Award – your epic high fives and winning grin made it an easy choice!

Welcome back Carla – she conquered The Great Wall of China marathon, placing 3rd in her age group and 2nd Canadian to cross … oh and she beat Pippa Middleton … no big deal


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