Schools Out for the Summer (DEN)

A little over year ago I wrote a blog called “BRB Real Quick”. It was part confessional, part love letter to the tribe detailing my leave for the summer prior to starting a new life chapter. Hot bananas and applesauce, what a year it has been! I so vividly remember one day this winter when I’ve-got-jokes-Chad-from-Iowa said “I thought medical school was supposed to be hard” poking fun of my stellar work life balance (read: impressive procrastination and avid avoidance of studying skills). Chad, that hit me hard, as in “holy crap now that you ask it seems impossible and I can’t feel my face anymore- but I guess I never let you all in on that because you, tribe, have provided the most consistent routine, familiarity, jokes, endorphins, hugs, accountability and family that was SO key in making it through this first year of medical school. Likewise, on the other side of the spectrum I had classmates asking “how on earth do you do that”, or my favorite: “why don’t you just not go tomorrow?” So without lingering too much on that, I just want to say THANK YOU for keeping me accountable and keeping me normal (normal by med school standards, weird by NP standards). I can’t wait to come back in August and do it all again with you.

Now, I’d like to leave you with the same message that I left you with last May, except this time with some minor edits. Not because I’m on summer vaca and still in my PJs, but really because its pretty magical to see year after year how sustainable and committed this community is, and that while a million things can change in one year, some of the best things stay the same. So, as I think I’ve said before:

“The tribe is self-sustainable. The tribe is dedicated. The tribe will show up and they will continue to make this community better. We as leaders do not make the tribe, YOU make the tribe. If you all didn’t show up, recruit your friends, hug strangers and push yourselves and each other then NP5280 would not exist.  So while I’m sad and confused at the idea of being away for a few workouts (we’ll call it about 20 give or take), I think its damn cool that this thing will go on like a well oiled machine, only getting stronger with each newbie, each hug and every full belly “fuck yea!”

So, my dear NP5280, please keep doing your thing. Keep showing up. Keep kicking ass. Keep brightening people’s days. Keep getting stronger. I’ll be in and out, always watching from a far (that’s not creepy). Please be nice to Dan Ryan and Matthew. I have full faith in them. And since I really don’t like saying goodbye, I’m just going to say BRB while I go take care of a few things. Every time you eat a breakfast burrito, please think of me fondly. Unless it’s a breakfast burrito, I don’t need that shit.****”

***Amendment: I’ve found a breakfast burrito I adore. The place is called Bonfire Burritos, it’s in Golden and Dan and Julia want to trail run with you and take you there. I like to get the “jackalope”. You’re welcome.

Thank you for letting me spend my (maybe) last day for a while shoving donuts in your planking faces. I feel just a little bit closer to you now. Now go out and get yourself some donuts!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox General Millz (is it too late in the game to be making up new nicknames for myself)

WED: Capitol Building with your boooooooyz.

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