Change :: Business as Usual

So many things were new and different today on the mountain.  Where do I even begin…

-MC Eugene Slim Kim hyped the tribe.  And you were all HYPED! (well, that’s pretty usual)

-Tribe member #theLPinSD raced her ass off, and, to no surprise, joined the peanut gallery #BGsbadinfluence.

-The sun was NOT shining on our faces, per San Diego usual.

-Jeff forgot his shoes!

-Baby Bordwell stole Andy’s cape, preventing him from bringing it the workout.  I presume…


But so much still held true to the average NPSD Monday morning:

-The tribe was happy and smiling and ready.

-We pushed and sweat and powered through the workout, all the way to the end.  And didn’t complain in our burnout circle (well, a little…) as our cores were on fire and shaking.

-BG wrestled various NPSD members to the ground, preventing them from exercising, most likely to avoid exercise himself.

-Cade was half naked.

-Jimbo did step-ups, staring off into the arial view of SD that Mt. Soledad so generously provides coffee and oranges in hand.

-People hugged, and the hugs were genuine.

-We learned some new names and faces, then forgot the names, asked again, then forgot again, then finally remembered after the third, “shit, wait, what’s your name again?”

-Marcus danced his shoes off (okay, he doesn’t do this all the time, but maybe he should?..)

-We had our fun.  We got in our workout.  And we left, stoked to go off into our day.


So, in summary:  A bunch of new, and a bunch old.  Bottom Line:  Things may change, but the true nature and message of November Project persist.

Man this morning got me going.  No way I’d rather start the week.  Bring yourselves, bring your friends, and keep making this thing happen.  No need to take life so seriously ALL the time!



But seriously…

Next Monday:  Mt. Soledad          This Wednesday: Balboa Park – fountain by the Natural History Museum

SunRise 6K:  Monday, July 11th – 6:29AM – Crystal Pier

YearBook Photos: THEME: #weatherspoof – get as sarcastic as you’d like with this one (umbrella? Winter hat? Mittens? Galoshes?)  Wednesday, July 6th.  Let’s blow this one up guys – get out EVERYONE you can to join in the fun!


Our very own tribe member and in-house meteorologist, Stephanie Sullivan is hosting a workout at Kate Sessions Park, TOMORROW, Tuesday, June 14, 6:29AM.  WOMEN ONLY (sorry fellas).  So, strong and powerful women of San Diego, come out, sweat, and show your womanly pride!  More info from the woman herself:


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