The United State of November Project Women (DCA)

First Lady Michelle Obama took to her Insta account – you know the one, you check it first thing in the morning to see if your triceps are like her triceps, find out what veggies sprouted in the White House Kitchen Garden overnight, and read inspirational messages off graduation caps to get your day started? Oh, no? That’s just me? Cool. Let me update you – to announce, along with her Woman Squad (sometimes we refer to those people as “friends”), the first ever United State of Women Summit. No, no. Not United States. The United STATE of Women.

What is it? What does it have to do with November Project? Aren’t there dudes in November Project? I just saw the Summit is on a Tuesday. Do we DO Tuesdays??

Let me take you there. November Project is an entirely inclusive, all humans and all body parts welcome group. Absolutely. Always has been; always will be. That said, June 14th is a Tuesday. And since it’s not our normal MWF workout, well, we’re going to hijack it. Nah, femjack it. Scratch that. We’ll FEMJILL IT.

Did I ask permission to take-on one day where we join thousands of women celebrating the past and future of powerhouse women, in our own sweaty way?? Of course not. But my hope is that everything I’ve heard about well-behaved women is true. So permission not granted, in true NP style, we’ll meet at 7:01am outside of the United State of Women Summit and host the first ever in all of time and history ALL-WOMAN NOVEMBER PROJECT WORKOUT.

Permission from the dudes who founded November Project? Nah.

Permission from the dude I co-lead November Project DC with? Nah.

Sweat anyway? Fuck yeah.

AND, men, have no fear. Our gain — of a Tuesday workout — is not your loss.

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Let’s recap.

Who: Women. Specifically, the hard working, ass kicking, sweaty kind.. That’s you. IN YOUR GRASSROOTS GEAR*

What: NP Pop-up Workout

When: Tuesday June 14th at 7:01am

Where: At the corner of 9th and Mount Vernon Place NW

Why: Who run the world?

*There is a tag for this event. If you’re a woman AND I can hear you roar AND you’ll be there Tuesday morning, you will get this tag early. We’ll tag Monday June 13th at our normal Meridian Hill workout. I’ll have the tag earlier, if you need to arrange with me to get it earlier, we’ll do it.

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As in, you just walked into the Convention Center and you’re, now, waiting in line to check-in, or with baited breath for your chance to tell Kerry Washington, “It’s handled?” Either way, you’ve just seen, what you might now describe as a chaotic group of loud strong women running, yelling, racing and sweating.

Hi! I’m Kaelan Denali Dickinson and I’m a woman. I co-lead a #FREEfitness movement called The November Project here in DC. We meet at 6:30am every Monday, Wednesday (5:30am too!), and Friday to sweat our way through a running based but geographically contained workout. Those two things matter because they mean we sweat next to the fastest person and the slowest person within the same workout and both get a, hard as shit, full body workout and no one gets left behind.

What matters most? You did NOT miss your chance to work out with us. If you’re in DC, Wednesday June 15th, #justshowup to Lincoln Memorial at 5:30 or 6:30am (OR BOTH, ya BAMF, go on) and get your sweat on. All women of all walks of life are at November Project: mothers, grandmothers, daughters, tweenagers, friends, best friends, lovers, women who love running, women who hate running, bad assess, inspirations…it is for all. We’ll promise to have you in and out in under an hour, make you sweat, and introduce you to a powerful, males included, community.

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  1. So if you’re ability to get to meridian hill in Monday mornings is super tight but you’re planning on going Tuesday … Is there that way to get the tag for the United States of Women workout?  Thanks a ton!! 

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