DC on GMA and the #NP_Primaries (DCA)

A LOT is about to go down this week at November Project DC (specifically this WEDNESDAY) ergo, here’s a full list of things to which you should pay attention.

Things to bring on WED:

  1. Your #GrassrootsGear.
  2.  Your friends, coworkers, and neighbor’s dog’s cousin’s owner. Need tips on how to recruit? Watch here.

What’s so important about these two things? Keep reading.

GOOD MORNING AMERICA. Yes. The morning TV show where they interview celebrities and talk about the newest food crazes. This WEDNESDAY, they’re talking about US. They’re talking about YOU. They’re COMING TO DC TO FILM YOU AND MAKE YOU FAMOUS. What you need to know:

  1. There will be a 5:30AM workout. There will be a 6:30AM workout. AND THEN, there will be a 7:30-9AM workout/staged LIVE TV shots. Stay for all three. If you’re going/staying for the latter time slot, let us know. Let’s show the WORLD what we’re about.
  2. The NO BAGS rule always will and still applies for WEDNESDAYS. PLAN AHEAD. If you bring a bag, make it something comfortable to run with.

#NP_Primaries. During the recent election process, we’ve been having some primaries of our own. Earn delegates on primary days, winner after all the primaries goes home with some swag. On WEDNESDAY, you can earn delegates TWO ways. For every hour (workout) you are there, you get 5 delegates. For every hour someone you recruited is there, you get 2 delegates. EXAMPLE: I attend the 5:30, 6:30, and GMA workout (15 delegates) and I brought three friends. Two friends stayed for 3 workouts (12 delegates), one friend stayed for one workout (2 delegates). X = 29 delegates. That’s A LOT. Keep track of it all on the TRACKER.



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