The United State of Women – November Project Phoenix Edition.

Well hello there my fine lady friends of Arizona. By now, I am sure you have seen the rumblings of an all women November Project workout.

Kaelan, the powerhouse co-leader of DC, has taken the NP world by storm.

Inspired by The First Lady’s first ever United STATE of Women, Kaelan immediately jumped in and pledged to create the first even ALL women November Project workout in DC.

Kaelan has been someone I have admired since the days I spent chasing her up the Lincoln Memorial steps during my DC days. She leads incredible bounces, is a total natural in front of the camera, and is a total game-changer. Now, she is at it again.

Using her as inspiration, myself and many other of the leading ladies, are spreading her idea and hosting an ALL-WOMAN NOVEMBER PROJECT WORKOUT this coming Tuesday.

What about the fellas of NP? Well, Kaelan said it best when she said “November Project is an entirely inclusive, all humans and all body parts welcome group. Absolutely. Always has been; always will be. That said, June 14th is a Tuesday. And since it’s not our normal MWF workout, well, we’re going to hijack it. Nah, femjack it. Scratch that. We’ll FEMJILL IT.”


Pledge NP


What’s What.

Who: Women. Specifically, the hard working, ass kicking, sweaty kind.. That’s you. IN YOUR GRASSROOTS GEAR*

What: NP Pop-up Workout

When: Tuesday June 14th at 6:00 a.m.

Where: Meet at the bottom of 22nd St and Kaler Drive. 85020.

Why: Who run the world? 


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