3-2-1 … BOOM!



It’s official.

The Incentive Bomb for NPYVR has been DROPPED! And we are so pumped for this!

It all started with a dream … A dream he had two months into the awesomeness of November Project. The one thing he said that kept HIM going during one of the most difficult times in his life (laid off from work; baby wasn’t sleeping; etc)

“I love this logo. I love what it means. I love the people it stands for. I love the community that has rallied around it. I love what they give each other every day. That is why I have given an open challenge to everyone in Vancouver. When we get 321 people (3-2-1 because I like numbers like that) to one single workout here in Vancouver, I will get our @novemberprojectyvr logo ***tattooed on my body***.”

And now we are all in this mass frenzy of excitement and recruitment – talking to friends, family, co workers, the mailman, the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker… You get the idea. We are hitting up social media HARD and going back to flyers and NP Tickets #printmedialives and reppin’ our #grassrootsgear .

If you were like me at first, reluctant, hesitant, possibly even stubborn, or just really liked your warm bed and waking at the crack of dawn to sweat with a bunch of strangers was not your idea of a good time, we get it. However, once you go to ONE maybe TWO NP workouts, you won’t find anything else like it. LIKE EVER. I decided to poll 10-12 people – a few from the very beginning during the #np_pledge phase, some from once we were established and a few newbies – with three questions. The answers I got from these were phenomenal and I want to share them all; however, that would result in a long ass write up, so this will be a two parter.

#1 Who/what got you to come out?

“A friend who makes me feel like a superhero got me to come out for NP. At that time, I was very different. A lot more shy and reserved in certain regards. Never thought I would be yelling ‘fuck ya!’ or high five-ing. I just wasn’t that person.”

“Free Lululemon shorts”

“I started to come out because this loud mouth pestered me for months until I caved and said ‘yes’ on her birthday.”

“Graham, via Facebook message”

“I heard about NP a few years ago but it was a tweet from someone who had attended a pledge workout that alerted me to the fact that NP was finally here.”

#2 What motivates you to keep coming back?

“Fun girls kept me, Kat calls, and accountability buddies. Some eye candy hasn’t hurt.”

“I enjoy the people. Love the workouts and how random they are. As a runner I do a lot of the same things over and over. November Project puts in that muscle confusion workout in my week that makes me that much stronger. I have developed friendships beyond my expectations of what I have at other workouts and sports. This truly is like a tribe of like minded people who love to sweat.”

“I just want to have an awesome life and form good relationships, and NP strongly supports those values.”

“The badasses that show up every week and grab life by the balls.”

“The people keep me coming back…I like the fact that I’m getting healthier. The people keep me accountable.. I’ve also met some great people and made some really good friends…NP has made me want to be nicer…happier…people there are so inspiring…what they do…how they do it…so inclusive…”

#3 What goals have you set/achieved from joining NP?

“Run my first ultra marathon. Learn the ‘Thriller’ dance…”

“My goals that I have achieved: Improve my cardio; look into other avenues of fitness such as trail running and more hiking; be more positive and enjoy life more based on the outlook of so many NPers. Get the mountain sexual award lol Goals I want to set; continue to improve my cardio; look at eventually doing races or marathons.”

“I think my goals are just to be the best version of Kyle I can be. Nothing too serious just be in good health and have fun while doing it. I think goals that I have achieved have been making friends and the ability to wake up at 5am. Never was able to do that before.”

“Be more social”

“I set small goals each week to get through rough patches that come my way. Those turn into bigger goals that help me be a better person.”

And wait until next weeks batch of answers …

There’s a few things about an NP workout one needs to know:

You will never regret it.

You will never forget it.

It’s borderline addictive.

You will never receive that many high fives in an hour in your life.


Manic Mel


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