United State of Women – Version NP5.280

Strong. As. Fuck.
Strong. As. Fuck.

This is a hype post to inform you that a movement within a movement is coming to life.  Inspired by the efforts of Kaelan Dickinson of NP-DC and other ladies throughout the November Project community, our very own Julia Griffith has taken it upon herself to lead our very first all-female workout.  That’s right, this is girls club only.

If you don’t know Julia, we’re profoundly sorry.  She is one of the corest of core members and brightest of bright shining lights of our tribe.  No trail is too long and no mountain is too high for this fierce-ass female from the Lou.  We could go on for days, but with General Molly out of town/state/country, riding purple polka dot scooters everywhere she goes, we’re elated that Julia has stepped up in her absence to lead our lady tribe.

If you’re not aware of the United State of Women Summit taking place in DC on 6/14, we strongly suggest you click.

confluence meeting spot

LADIES ONLY, Tuesday 6/14 6:15a @ Confluence Park, across the river from REI

The United State of Women Profile Pledge

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