The United State of November Project Women (PHL)

Yesterday the always amazing Kaelan, co-leader of our sister tribe in Washington D.C. took to the socials and created something BIG. If you have ever met Kaelan, you know her energy is infectious, her bounce game is hella strong and her adoration for Michelle Obama – is borderline … well … obsessive (in the most harmless way possible, of course). If you haven’t met her, you have no idea how to say her name and that’s cool, no one does at first and she won’t be offended – take my word for it! Anyway enough gushing about Kaelan (I could go on all day) – Mere moments after The First Lady took to her Instagram account to announce the first ever United STATE of Women… The First Lady of NP DC pledged to create the first ever ALL women November Project workout.

Here is her idea taking shape:
“What is it? What does it have to do with November Project? Aren’t there dudes in November Project? I just saw the Summit is on a Tuesday. Do we DO Tuesdays??

Let me take you there. November Project is an entirely inclusive, all humans and all body parts welcome group. Absolutely. Always has been; always will be. That said, June 14th is a Tuesday. And since it’s not our normal MWF workout, well, we’re going to hijack it. Nah, femjack it. Scratch that. We’ll FEMJILL IT.”

Immediately following reading this (more from Kaelan here), I fired off a text to ask if we could join forces. Not join as in, can the women of NP PHL carpool to our Nation’s Capital and workout with NP DC on a Tuesday at 7:01 a.m. Moreover, how do we make this bigger? Stronger! More fierce! How do we get FLOTUS to take notice? The only answer – pledge to simultaneously host the first ever ALL-WOMAN NOVEMBER PROJECT WORKOUT – in Philadelphia too! And we’re certain other tribes will follow suit!


Let’s recap.

Who: Women. Specifically, the hard working, ass kicking, sweaty kind.. That’s you. IN YOUR GRASSROOTS GEAR*

What: NP Pop-up Workout

When: Tuesday June 14th at 6:30 a.m.

Where: The National Constitution Center Independence Mall 525 Arch Street Philadelphia, PA

Why: Who run the world? 

*We’re working on a special tag for this event. If you’re a woman and you’re ready to be a part of something BIG and you’ll be there Tuesday morning, you will get this tag early. I will have said tag at our ODDyessy Half Marathon Relay Transition Zone & Finisher Party! on Sunday, so there is some more incentive for you to join us for the party – if you need to make other arrangements with me to get it, let me know, I’ll do my best.


(aka the fine print – modified from Kaelan’s original post bc it was just so damn good)

As in, you’re strolling by us on Arch Street as you head to work or you’re seeing amazing NP PHL posts on the socials on a Tuesday??? while you’re sitting at work, home, in a coffee shop, on your bike etc… Either way, you’ve seen what you might now describe as a chaotic group of loud strong women running, yelling, racing and sweating and you’re thinking – this shit is good – how do I get involved!

Hi! I’m Suzanne Allaire and I’m a woman. I co-lead a #FREEfitness movement called The November Project here in Philly. We meet at 6:25 a.m. every Wednesday and Friday to sweat our way through an ever evolving, cardio based but geographically contained workout. Those things matter because they mean we sweat next to the fastest person and the slowest person within the same workout and both get a super challenging full body workout and no one gets left behind.

What matters most here? You did NOT miss your chance to work out with us. If you’re in Philly, Wednesday June 15th, or any Wednesday of this year or any year ever (we workout all year round despite the weather conditions) #justshowup to The Art Museum Steps at 6:25 a.m. Same goes for Fridays although we meet at Lemon Hill.
All women of all walks of life are at November Project: mothers, grandmothers, daughters, tweenagers, friends, best friends, lovers, women who love running, women who hate running, bad assess, inspirations…it is for all. We’ll promise to have you in and out in under an hour, make you sweat, and introduce you to a powerful, males included, community.


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  1. Do I need to sign up somewhere to join the workout on Tuesday?? Where do I get the gear to wear for the workout and how do I find out what the tag is?

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