#BetterThanBedtime 2014 from West to East: The Event Recap

With great pleasure I’d like to introduce the very brief notes from each of the 17 cities and their experience. For those who couldn’t make it, you’ll just have to read along, close your eyes and imagine the vibe of 4 timezones moving at once in their “two by two” formation. The tribe gets social. The tribe is strong. – Brogan Graham

San Francisco Notes: “Hot damn! was some funky shit. Though, we probably should have called it #BETTERTHANNAPTIME out here on the West Coast. A 2pm start? I’ve usually been awake for over an hour by 2pm on a Sunday. Regardless, NPSF ran through two concerts, did a pit-stop at our favorite newspaper NOT to cover us yet, and dropped a 5 minute flash-mob style workout in Union Square. We were in SO many random tourists’ home videos, we confirmed SO many San Francisco stereotypes, and we drank SO much free beer courtesy of Bitters Bock & Rye; your official November Project San Francisco drinking establishment. Were we the only tribe of 17 to get our bartender to verbal? I’m pretty confident that’s a yes. Did he #STORMTHEFORT with us this morning? That’s definitely a yes. Needless to say, we survived the flood. Long live #NPSF. Oh, and I’ll get a photo or two up here in a second… for now, here’s Laura doing something normal in Europe.” -Dan Clayton

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Los Angeles Notes: “In short LA knew we were celebrating on Sunday! We all met at Plummer park and started the race with a little limbo action. Running through the streets if Hollywood we cause a ruckus at most street corners and even through the McDonald’s on La brea. A hug collision with tourist went down on Hollywood blvd as we made our way to the party spot at Outpost. All and all LA’s first was a success.” -Orrin


Sacramento Notes: “We ran from the State Capitol to a local restaurant/pub. Had good drinks, food & even had some newbies join us.
I even got my boyfriend to be a cat with me.” -Haley

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San Diego Notes: “So it may not have actually rained here in SD, but it was hot enough to elicit some serious precipitation… I mean perspiration. We had animals, cowboys, a wedding party and 5 Eugene’s to fill up our Ark. Saved from the Great Flood, our tribe exuberantly showed up this morning still decked out in costume – bc who doesn’t want to dress up on Monday!” – Jessie

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Edmonton Notes: “I took naps both before and after this 5k loop with post-run drinks. I can confirm that #BetterThanBedtime was better than either of those naps.” -Nadim

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Denver Notes: “At precisely 10 minutes until #BetterThanBedtime, the heavens opened on Denver and spewed giant rain bullets all over the land. But then, Noah took off his shirt, put on his bathrobe and said, “Let’s fuckin party”. Day one of Beervember Project – Denver was a huge success. The tribe likes to imbibe together while playing giant Jenga and groping each others costumes.” -Dan Turbo

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Minneapolis Notes: “We pounded concrete, then raised glasses, and pounded those. Celebrating free fitness will be everyday in MSP. Because that shit is Better than Bedtime!!”

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Chicago Notes: “Before ending up with at Joe’s on Weed St, we tried collecting as many animals as we could from the Lincoln Park Zoo. Wall sits and planks with the rhinos? Check. Pushups with the hyenas? Check. You could’ve said we were on exhibit as people seemed to be more interested in us than the animals. Yes, they took our photos…” -Brent

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Madison Notes: “If you’ve never seen an orange and white baby tiger growling at a sixty five inch banana, you weren’t at NP-MSN BTB 2014. That was one of many highlights as Madison’s finest frolicked from historic Bascom Hill, to beautiful Picnic Point, to the always-under-construction-but-still-badass Memorial Union Terrace. The love that oozes out of our group is undeniable and was on clear display; needless to say, passersby were begging for information on just what this “November Project” thing was, and yes, verbals were dropped. #greatsuccess” -Ted Gurman

“MSN, met at the Wednesday location atop Bascom, beneath Abe. Marching in pairs we turned many heads jogging along the Lake Mendota path to the tip of Picnic Point. Best outfits would have to go to a pair of Bananas who cut the run a bit short to take a nap on the lake shore. A well deserved nap a day after the pair represented the NP colors for 13.1 in the Madison Mini Marathon. The finish line was a gorgeous sun above the Union Terrace. Biting the rope was discussed, but it would not have felt right without BG – so see ya’ll in a month!” -Pat Bauch

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Milwaukee Notes: “When your two dads both leave town, your sexy-cool babysitters throw the best parties. Jen, Andy and Marinna (heavy on the ‘Jen’) had our tribe scavenging all through the city following clues in order to earn their beers. They are join to be in sooooooo much trouble when Schwabe and DG get home…” -DG-Dad

Stop 6

Indianapolis Notes: “Two newbies showed up for the Indy version of #BetterThanBedtime, Nancy and Lauren. We met at the Indiana War Memorial, did a couple #UpAndOvers for good measure and then set out on a 3+ mile running tour of the best stairs Indy has to offer. We ended our jaunt at a local establishment called the Bourbon Street Distillery where many beverages were shared.”

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Boston Notes: “We were lucky to lock down a pimp climbing gym that is pretty hard to find in the Middle of Somerville (pretty much North Boston called Brooklyn Boulders), our brew friends (Harpoon Brewery), a DJ that my wife says I shouldn’t call sexy, a two-man band called “The Big20’s” and a few zillion cases of 90+ Cellars wine (so that Bojan’s wife would be happy). It was strong, it was funny, it was far


New York City Notes: “NP_NYC Takes Over Manhattan! We kicked off our 4-mile Manhattan take-over at our Wednesday home, Gracie Mansion. From Gracie we took over Central Park, Grand Army Plaza, famous 5th Ave, a Madison Avenue street fair, all the way to Park Avenue Tavern. Burpees, planks, and hosties along the way. We owned NYC and shit got messy! Cats, Tigers, and Marble Compositions Notebooks, Oh My!” -Crafted by Coach John, Cut & Pasted by Coach Pauleak (oneName)

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Baltimore Notes: “People stare. When you’re part of the #NP_BAL wolfpack, people are always gonna stare. But Sunday evening as penguins and dinosaurs, tigers and power rangers, all chased Noah through​ ​the streets and parks of Baltimore​,​ those were stares of envy. November Project BAL​ ​embodied freedom Sunday night and we’re super proud of you fairies, you ​ ​chickens, you packs of double mint gum. So​ ​the next time you want to dress like your favorite barn yard animal and run the ​ ​streets, remember: The tribe always has your back and​ ​we’re letting our freak ​ ​flag fly just as high.”​ -Sydney

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D.C. Notes: “The tribe is strong. The tribe is wonderfully weird. But most importantly, the tribe is changing a city, a nation, a world. A few minor casualties, some sweaty costumes, and a few beers later, we are stronger (and weirder) than ever. Onward DC #HiFiveCity #SmileFactory.” -Steve

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DC Toast to BTBT

Philadelphia Notes: “Beginning at Love Park, November Project Philadelphia traversed just shy of 4 miles of The City of Brotherly Love, donning paired costumes and #grassrootsgear. The Ark safely docked at the Field House where cold drinks flowed and good times were had.

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New Orleans Notes: “After a counting two by two, and some jello shots, to load the ark at Montiero Park, the NP_NO tribe cast off down the St Charles Avenue neutral ground. Noah himself and Kate with the bike mounted tunes led unicorns, Indians, salt & pepper shakers, and an assorted menagerie as the tribe worked its way to Fat Harry’s bar mid-course. After dodging a few streetcars, the group stopped, had a beer or two, and then pressed on to Jefferson avenue and back to complete the route. The voyage ended at The Bulldog where what felt like 40 day/nights worth of beer and king cake vodka shots were consumed. Clear eyes, full hearts, and pounding headaches this morning… Can’t lose. It was awesome, we love this tribe!” -Preston


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