Minneapolis, MN

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Winters in Minneapolis can be on par with our Canadian brethren in Edmonton but that didn’t stop the dynamic duo of Holly and Ben from starting an NP during coldest months of the year. Their philosophy is: “Winters in Minnesota produce two types of people, those who curl up inside for four months, and those who embrace the elements as a challenge. Together, we aim to increase the latter.”

Wednesdays: Gold Medal Park. 6:27 am

Fridays: Various Twin Cities locations. 6:27 am (check social media on Thursdays)

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November Project Minneapolis Co-leaders, Emily, Sarah, Jon


Emily Minge , Sarah Stuhr & Jon Tickle are your Co-Leaders for November Project Minneapolis.

9 Replies to “Minneapolis, MN”

  1. Hey November people! I’ve been seeing more and more about November Project and I have to admit I’m tempted to roll my butt out of bed early to give it a try. I see the start time and the days of the week, is there a typical workout length? Just wondering if I’d make it to work on time. Not saying I wouldn’t come anyway, just curious.


    1. Mandy,
      Please enjoy this response on a 3 year old post.
      Workouts are usually done in about 45 minutes and you’re on your way by 7:15 am.

  2. The way I look at it, if you live in a cold weather climate, you should find something to do during the cold weather months (unless you’re a snow bird). Personally, I don’t know how you guys in Minneapolis survive the brutal winters but kudos to you for making a challenge and having fun with it.

    1. We meet every Wednesday at 6:27am at Gold Medal Park., and we meet at various locations around the Twin Cities on Fridays at 6:27am. We’re usually taking a group photo by 7:15am. If you have to leave early, you can! Just come on out just once and see if you like it. 🙂

    1. Chris,
      We meet all around the Twin Cities on Fridays. We usually announce the Friday location at the Wednesday workout, or check out our social media pages for details on Thursday for the Friday announcement.

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