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November Project San Francisco (NPSF) was started by former Division I track star Laura McCloskey. Through an exhaustive hiring process and countless rounds of interviews/psychological screenings, Laura brought on her former teammate, Dan Clayton, and an incomprehensible lacrosse-playing Irishman to help lead the charge. Currently, the co-leaders are Tony DiPasquale and Shardul Golwalkar. All together they have delivered more than 891 FREE workouts to the Bay Area over the past 7+ years, and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Pre-COVID, our Monday and Wednesday workouts were set locations, and we took a field trip every now and then. As we’re transitioning back to fully re-opened society, we are sticking to once a week at Dolores Park, 6:30am. Other days, locations, and times will come back eventually. Check out social media for the latest!

Now, stop thinking and get your sweet butt cheeks to our workouts!

Free Fitness. Free Laughing. Free hugs (or high-fives). Ok we’re holding off on the hugs and high-fives. Workouts every week, 6:30 AM

– Wednesday @ 6:30AM – Mission Dolores Park

Looking for more info? Check out our Newbie and Traverballer guides!

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And here are your fearless Co-Leaders in an order that might surprise you:

Tony DiPasquale

Tony, seen here living his best Tony the Tiger life, is a 300 year November Project veteran. Taking over for the famous Paddy O’Leary, he decided if he couldn’t run as fast he would at least be able to take better photos. He enjoys long runs in the Headlands, a tastefully placed “Fuck Yeah!”, and seeing people get a good sweat in.

Shardul Golwalkar

Bio TBD so I will fill it in with things that are definitely true. Shardul came on as a co-leader mid-pandemic which is honestly the biggest show of commitment ever. He was no easy find though. As a Tiktok and Clubhouse influencer, he wasn’t sure how leading would get him more likes. We’ve taken care of that and now every member is legally obligated to like his content on Tiktok and Clubhouse. Actually, can you like things on Clubhouse?

13 Replies to “San Francisco, CA”

  1. I am looking for Volunteers for The Berkeley Half Marathon on November 20th. I would love to have The November Project present in some capacity at our event.

    Please let me know if your group is interested.

    Thank you!

  2. I just learned about November Project and would love to join you guys.
    Do you happen to meet during the weekend as well?


  3. I wanted to see if anyone had responded to Melanie’s question about weekend workouts. Any chance there are meetups on the weekend?


  4. Hi!
    Just heard about NP on a podcast and LOVE the idea!
    I’m legally blind, and can’t get into SF that early, as public transit doesn’t run so early. lol
    Any more OAKLAND feild-trips coming up? That would be EPIC!

  5. Hey all !!!
    Gonna be in the Bay Area in early June and wanna run with November project !!! Can u give me some details ?? Looking at aiming around June 13 which is a Monday . How often do unall meet . Can’t wait to run with u all !!

  6. Recently moved here from NYC and used to go to NP Wed AM workouts – are there any marathon training groups you guys would recommend? Either NP-related or other? Never did more than a half marathon, but signed up for NYC in November.

  7. I’ve written a SF & Beyond Guidebook, to be published by This Fall. I e mentioned your boot camp exercise classes but now I see you are temporarily closed. Are you out of business, just taking a break, or what? I need an answer immediately or I have to remove you from my book because it’s going to print soon.

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