Glow Stick Relay 2.0 (IND)

The tribe wanted more strength, less running. Well, we can read your mind. Today back by popular demand, we gave you The Glow Stick Relay. You’re welcome. Teams of 4 tribe members tackled the stairs, running lickity split to the baton (Glow Stick) exchange while teammates diligently did the deck of cards: burpees, sit-up, push-ups and squats. There were spontaneous hugs and impromptu dance parties. It was unanimously awesome.

Next week is RACE DAY! Bring your beast mode. You’ll need it. See you at 6:15AM Indiana War Memorial north stairs. Bring a shirt to tag. Eventually, once the whole tribe has #GrassrootsGear, you will have to earn your gear with a PR (that’s “personal record”) on Race Day. Jus’ Sayin’. Have a great week!

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