New York, NY

November Project – NYC is proud to bring free fitness and plenty of sweaty hugs to the 5 boros. We work out Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week and you can find our complete workout calendar here. Our sqaud is lead by these dedicated humans who, between the three of them, have extensive experience in a diverse range of specialties from marathons to competitive eating contests. Please meet: 

Melissa David:

Hailing from the great state of New Jersey, Melissa is the newest co-leader. Melissa has run marathons from Berlin to Boston and many other races in between. She will cheer you on every morning telling you “You’re doing amazing!”. Melissa is fueled by lots and lots of coffee and doggos of all kinds.

Rob McCombs:

Did you touch someone’s nose on your first say at NP? Have you been asked to dance awkwardly on your birthday? That’s definitely Rob’s doing. He is also a speedster, resident goof ball, and will cheer you on until he can’t talk anymore.

Kevin Rankin: 

Kevin sports an impressive resume that includes Spartan Racing and the Krispy Kreme Challenge. He’s also a logistics and operational powerhouse who keeps NP NYC on track and he still finds time to volunteer with the UVA community. In his spare time, Kev enjoys picking up heavy objects and putting them down elsewhere and adventuring through the National Parks.

We’re currently holding virtual workouts on Zoom Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:28am:

In normal times, you can find them here:

MONDAYSMorningside Park at 6:28 – Tagging last Monday of the month

WEDNESDAYS: Carl Shurz Park (86th/East River) at 5:28 & 6:28 a.m.

FRIDAYS: Rotating locations- check out our Calendar! at 6:28 a.m.

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40 Replies to “New York, NY”

    1. Sounds like there needs to be a NP “Long Island” or “NYEast” or “Southeast NYC.” I bet there are a lot of people for whom that would work. I’d be there whenever I’m home visiting.
      #NPLI #NPNYE #NPSENYC ????

    1. Hi,

      Sorry it has taken a while to get back to you, we have just gone through a leadership change, and are still everything out. We are making an effort to get more uptown locations into the mix. We are having at least 1 Friday location uptown per month (Uptown being above the park, in the Bronx, or in Queens). Keep an eye on us on social media to see workout locations, a calendar is dropping soon that will have all locations for the month. Hope this helps, again, sorry for the delay.


  1. Who do I get in touch with about getting this started in Brooklyn or south Manhattan? Uptown seems to be inconvenient for a lot of people that early. Can one of the “coaches” email me please?

  2. Who do I speak to about getting one started in Brooklyn or lower Manhattan? Uptown is inconvenient for a lot of people that early. Can one of the “coaches” email me? Would love to chat and figure something out.

    1. Hi Alex,

      Sorry for the delay. Check out Kings County Fit Club (if you haven’t already), they are an NP pledge. We also have Monday workouts on the Williamsburg Bridge On Mondays, and venture downtown often on Fridays. Keep an eye on Social Media for the loactions, and we are dropping a calendar soon that will give everyone the locations for the month.

  3. does anyone stay at the start location with runner’s bags? how can I bring my work clothes with me and not run with a bag…

  4. I saw there’s a running event at bear mountain. Is it too late to register ? Where can I find out more ?
    Thank you

  5. Could you please refrain from jumping up and down on the park benches. Besides the annoyance of having the bench you’re sitting on continually jarred, placing your dirty feet on benches people sit on is rather rude. Furthermore I don’t think the benches were designed with the intention of people constantly jumping up and down on them, I would hate for to see one break and possibly injure someone. Maybe if you plan on having such large group from fitness classes you should look at investing in your own space with proper workout equipment instead of relying on the public park system. Thank you

  6. Hello NP NYC, my wife and I are from Edmonton will be visiting your tribe on Dec 13th and hopefully the Dec 15th workout depending on how our flights work out. I was wondering if you can do a special tagging session for us at the 13th workout?

  7. Hi there!! Was reading the comments on this page and noticed there’s some talk of a Hudson valley NP. There’s a big running community in lower Hudson, Yonkers, New Rochelle, etc. Any chance of starting a tribe around westchester?

    1. Bari,

      Always a chance of starting a tribe. Just need the people to take the step forward and do it. On another page “How to….?” it goes into it. There is a pledging process before you are brought on as a new tribe.

    1. Hi David, so very few people have cars making it tricky, BUT you can the B or D train (Manhattan Bound) from the Dekalb station you can go to either 110 (B) or 125 (D) and run down (less than a mile). Let us know if you have any other questions.

  8. Hi NPers
    I’ve lived in Boston for the last 20 years and just moved back to my hometown of Staten Island where they are in desperate need of a free movement outlet. I loved the Boston tribe and am amped to getting something started on SI. Email me and let’s chat it up.

  9. I would be interested in starting one in Nassau County. I usually exercise outside in the mornings anyway and have a few good locations in mind. Not sure how we’d go about formally setting it up though.

  10. Hey Mary, Rob (and Kevin, not sure if we’ve met before but nice to meet you).

    It’s Jorgen from Canada, you may remember I brought Lee-Ann to NYC on a surprise trip last December and Mary & Rob took us to Tal’s Bagels. I am taking Lee-Ann to NYC again from Sunday-Tuesday (Tomorrow) and we are going to make it to the Monday morning work out. I don’t think Lee-Ann will want to get a tag as well we got one last year but in case she does would you be able to bring the Tag?

    Looking forward to seeing you and the Workout on Monday.

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