Downtown Musical Bench Tabatas (YEG)

So what should you do when you find a destination with over 20 picnic benches?…play a 30 minute game of musical bench tabatas of course (but without the music because of our sleeping neighbors)…so I guess you would call it just a game of bench tabatas.

I seem to find that the first two 20-second segments of a tabata are pretty easy and I wonder…is this even doing anything?…but this morning when we finished the 4th 20-second segment of our first bench jump tabata series & I realized that we were only half way thought I remembered…these tabata things are tough!

This morning, bench jumps were followed by a tabata of varied inclined push-ups (I did notice that there were many sounds of clapping for the first few segments however the sound of clapping died down as we went along), we then tackled a tabata of tricep dips, and finally wrapped up this morning’s workout with a bench v-sit tabata…all of that included 4 intermissions that consisted of of a “follow the brick path” run to recuperate.

Tabatas, benches, high 5’s, hugs, and mosquito smacking happened this morning…were you there? If not, you probably are cursing the fact that you missed the best way you could have started your Monday!

Hope you see you all back Wednesday…“Hey Commonwealth…We’re BACK!!” Gate 2, Parking Lot B, 5:57 AM!


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