Philadelphia, PA

PHL Group 521

NP PHL was started in late fall 2013 and is lead by John, Seember, and Vinny. We are turning the City of Brotherly Love into the City of Brotherly Hugs. #NP_PHL is all about getting AND staying fit for $0! We meet every Wednesday and Friday morning at 6:25AM for a sub 60 min workout filled with all the sweat and hugs you can handle. All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to #justshowup.

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Wednesdays 6:25AM Art Museum (Rocky) Steps
Fridays 6:25AM Various Locations (see social media links)

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    1. Hey Amber – We will occasionally have pop up runs in the evenings but nothing consistent. We are having a short run though the city this sunday (5/21) – Check the event section on our FB page if you’re interested! Thanks!

  1. Hi! I’m looking for a half marathon to do in early August and just came across the Mayor’s Cup in Philly on August 12. I live in NYC but I’m coming to Philly that weekend for a birthday event so the timing is perfect. The problem is that since I’m not local Philadelphian I don’t have a club there to sign up with, can I sign up with you guys?
    big thanks!!

  2. Hey I’ m looking forward to join November project.
    However I had some questions?
    Q. What is the parking situation near art museum?
    Q. Are there public showers nearby( wanna go directly to work).

    1. Parking is pretty easy. You can either park by Lloyd Hall behind the art museum, or sometimes even get away with parking in Eakins Oval. Most parking along the parkway is free until 8 as well if you can manage that. As far as showers…you’re out of luck unless you join a gym nearby and take showers there…..

  3. Do you have a 530 group on Wednesday’s? I used to do NP in Boston and would love to join y’all but I catch an early train to work!

  4. Hello,
    Do you need to be able to run to participate? I have an inflammatory condition that kicks in at about 1/4 -1/2 mile, resulting in foot drop & pain, but otherwise can do anything. Thanks for the information and all you are doing to support fitness and healthy mindsets.

  5. Is there an email list or do you have to check Facebook I would love to get notifications of special events.

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