The Triumphant Retun of J-Baby (LAX)

It’s really quite easy to lose sight of the world you used to know when a brand new, freshly constructed and painted world opens up before your very eyes. No, I’m not talking about a new car (though I’m still waiting on that Ferrari that’s going to just fall into my lap one day… I know it is) but I am talking about the glory that is our beloved Hollywood Bowl. We’ve been SO stoked to get back on those stairs, that we just about forgot the world outside of our magical steps of happiness.


Myself and Orrin, much like childhood hero Alladin, simply said “I can open your eyes, take you wonder by wonder…” and reminded the tribe that their positivity does not just exist inside the bowl. How did we prove that, exactly? We threw the freaking J-Baby at them! Now as you remember, J-Baby is our favorite outside of the bowl workout (covering “Ze Beetch”, the hill bringing you all the way from just off stage right to the very top of the stadium, then goes all the way down to the benches where we first meet, and back across the stage area of the bowl to the start) created by our favorite “I live here but now but wait kidding, I don’t any more” member, Jana Ross. This workout is a great challenge, to say the least.


Without any doubt in my mind, the tribe came out and absolutely obliterated the course at both the 5:30 and 6:30 sessions. This is the beautiful thing about what we do here at NP_LAX… we always rise to the challenge presented before us. Steep hill? See you at the top. 10 more burpees? Piece of cake. Squat Jumpliments? Why yes, your #grassrootsgear WAS looking quite on point today!


The tribe is strong, the tribe does not fuck around. Whether we’re inside of the bowl or not, we bring the heat. As always…



FRIDAY – Meet at the corner of Santa Monica and Doheny at the fountain: LOCATION LINK

“It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later”: We are deeply saddened to say au revoir to two of our wonderful members – Tod and Jody. Luckily they are going to SF and BOS respectively, so get ready for some fresh LA crazy in your tribes!

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