All Four One (IND)

We’re four. That’s awesome!!! We never hesitate to let people know that midwestern, landlocked Indianapolis came on as one of the first ten NP tribes. (Woohoo!) We came onboard before NY, before NY Part Deux, before Chicago (hey neighbor!), before LA…. We’re proud, but channeling our midwestern roots, we’re humble and caring, so when something disruptive, something impactful happens to our NP family, we care. Like any older sibling, that’s especially true when it affects a younger (albeit only a couple months younger) sibling. Our friends in the City of Angels lost a strong part of their tribe recently when a wonderful tribesmate named Sean died. Sean fought brain cancer and its pervasive strains for 17 long months. This morning, we honored Sean by celebrating his life and the principles he stood for; equality, community, empowerment, support. NP worldwide stands for these same principles, so from Indy to LA we send our best; all for one cause, all for one movement, and at times like these, all for one person and the lives he’s touched. read more

The Only Thing To Fear (LAX)

Orrin started it, but I’m going to keep it going: let’s talk about fear.

On my first November Project LAX workout, what feels like forever ago at this point (in actuality only about a year and a half ago), I was afraid. I knew a fair amount of the people there, but I felt afraid nonetheless. “I was an athlete in college” I thought to myself, “I have something to prove to these people”. The fear of how I would be perceived by these strangers forced me to work too hard and ended with me face first in a trash can. But then something remarkable happened – I wasn’t met with the typical judgmental looks and general WTF does this guy think he’s doing attitude upon my sickly release… quite the opposite. Some made sure I was okay and offered water, some cheered and patted me on the back for pushing myself, and other very excitedly told me that they too had puked on their first NP. I am now a proud proponent of part three from that last sentence. read more

The Triumphant Retun of J-Baby (LAX)

It’s really quite easy to lose sight of the world you used to know when a brand new, freshly constructed and painted world opens up before your very eyes. No, I’m not talking about a new car (though I’m still waiting on that Ferrari that’s going to just fall into my lap one day… I know it is) but I am talking about the glory that is our beloved Hollywood Bowl. We’ve been SO stoked to get back on those stairs, that we just about forgot the world outside of our magical steps of happiness. read more

To PR a J-Baby (LAX)

For weeks now, our beloved bowl has been closed off to us. Construction has taken over the stairs we happily donate our sweat to on the weekly. Does that stop NP LAX from showing up? You’re damn right it doesn’t. NP is #constructionproof… we run, jump, and crowd surf wherever we can find an inch of space. read more