All Four One (IND)

We’re four. That’s awesome!!! We never hesitate to let people know that midwestern, landlocked Indianapolis came on as one of the first ten NP tribes. (Woohoo!) We came onboard before NY, before NY Part Deux, before Chicago (hey neighbor!), before LA…. We’re proud, but channeling our midwestern roots, we’re humble and caring, so when something disruptive, something impactful happens to our NP family, we care. Like any older sibling, that’s especially true when it affects a younger (albeit only a couple months younger) sibling. Our friends in the City of Angels lost a strong part of their tribe recently when a wonderful tribesmate named Sean died. Sean fought brain cancer and its pervasive strains for 17 long months. This morning, we honored Sean by celebrating his life and the principles he stood for; equality, community, empowerment, support. NP worldwide stands for these same principles, so from Indy to LA we send our best; all for one cause, all for one movement, and at times like these, all for one person and the lives he’s touched.

________________________”f*** them, be you” -Sean_________________________


Iced-out. An odd mix of ice-covered everything, a fog-snow front, and ice-crystal pellets couldn’t stop this #weatherproof bunch. Sure we took the speed down a couple notches, but a couple bruised backsides was well worth the fun… says a guy who isn’t currently icing his tailbone.

Slightly amended workout went like this: 4 burpees on the N platform, WALK the stairs to the sidewalk, travel in some fitness-related way to the W landing and knock out 4 leg-lifts, to the SOUTHSIIIIDE for 4 tricep dips, to the E landing for 4 push-ups, back to the N and step the reps up to 8 for each spot then 12 then 16, etc. Sally squats to cap it off and burn it out!



  • First and foremost, thank you to all those who volunteer their time to help make this NP_IND community what it is! We’ve got lots of plugged in people who take the time to make us a priority, so we’re VERY thankful. Especially influential is Jaden Brown, our photographer-in-chief. In addition to taking weekly pictures while his fingers freeze off, Jaden (JB) helps us out with posting, with social media, with hype, and with event planning. He’s our behind the scenes leader helping Shaw and I constantly. On race days you might find JB and Sarah Myer doing their own 5am race day workout (even on the ridiculously cold mornings) so they can donate their normal workout time to lending us a helping hand. Thanks.
  • Tomorrow night we’re repping NP at Indianapolis Monthly’s Best of Indy awards event. We’re the Best Outdoor Workout in Indy (but you already knew that), and we’re proud as hell!
  • Friday we’re at the White River State Park (WRSP) amphitheater (“The Lawn”) where their summer concerts happen. Meet us up on stage; live performance starts at 6am sharp! It’s guaranteed to be a strong workout and a great time! I mentioned this morning that you should avoid parking in the WRSP lot as we didn’t get the most welcome reception from the parking attendant there last time. I spoke with one of their media management staffers who said parking there is fine as he’ll be there to let the attendant know and try to get some solid promo footage for the Park. Finding a spot along Washington Street by the Statehouse is another option; it’s a five min jog from there, so plan accordingly.
  • Next Wed is race day! Woohoo! Hooray! We’ll tag if we get one of those random out-of-season experiences Indiana throws our way every once in awhile (aka if it’s above about 50 degrees). Don’t bet on it.
  • Andy Rusiniak, as always, killer costume!


Here’s to you guys and this incredible Tribe, and here’s to the next four years!


ps: Thanks for the cookies, Helena!

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