Wisconsin notes

Wisconsin notes for January 24, 2018- Bridge month continues

  • Bridge month continued, NP entered a new location, Patterson’s creek
  • Skate workout required some modifications due to the temporary closure of the rideau canal. The tribe still showed up, ready for whatever, as always.
  • Weather was a -20 degrees with the windchill and some could argue the bridge makes that morning a couple of degrees cooler
  • Conditions were slick, prompted some to wear spikes, some to slide, some to find modified routes
  • Liz tossed sand around in attempts to rectify this situation
  • We hugged regulars and newbies alike
  • We yelled a bit and bounced (maybe a little loud for some neighbourhood passers-by walking their dogs). We learned the importance of continuing to be kind to those locals and wish them a good morning and hope they have a wonderful day
  • Workout was a deck and starting out with 14, 9, 7 burpees helped to warm us up nice and quick
  • We learned about the great ideas tribe members can share when a joker shows up
  • The old lamp posts made for a beautiful morning
  • We burpeed a lot
  • Have people learned you need to bring gloves to the workout? Sometimes we sign waivers, but we still don’t want anyone getting frostbite. Luckily when Australian newbies show up and they don’t understand this crazy weather yet, tribe members are happy to hand out extra gloves for to protect those hands during push up
  • We took a photo
  • We asked if anyone knows talented photographers who can take photos in the dark… still waiting for a response.
  • We wore gray and sent positive thoughts and love to our NP family in LA for Sean, for brain cancer awareness
  • Keep showing up, because there will always be someone to work out with
  • Bring a friend

If you don’t know what Wisconsin notes are, read up ont the brief history here: https://november-project.com/wisconsin-notes-revival-by-brogan-graham/. It’s suppose to be “brief summary” so obviously we are still learning too ^ (there’s always too much good to share!)

If you didn’t know, there is also Wisconsin notes podcast on itunes apple.co/2kukfGj, some funny and cool and also kinda weird things happen the podcast, give it a couple of listens on your next commute.

Have a wonderful day, spread the love and wonderful morning you shared. We will see you next week. 

Here’s to bringing “soles” together

Liz and Lauren

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