When Winter gives you frozen Lemons…..


Wisconsin Notes:
-Thursday Feb 1st, skating Fork 7:30-8am
-Friday Feb 2nd, POP UP WORKOUT 6:14am @the Forks
-Sunday Feb 4th, The Great Skate, 9am
-Sunday Feb 4th, Chain for Change, 1pm
-Evan and Nate have nice legs

Today it was practically balmy out, so we took it to the Bridge! Derek ran into Dr. Tam on the river trail last night and strong armed him into verballing, so we were lucky enough to have the good doctor lead us in a rousing round of warm-up Bop It.  Then we did a super weird plank circle, birthday month, noise making, thing? And rounded it all out with the trusty ol’ bridge challenge which is always guaranteed to make you smile and make you sweat!

Coach Scott handed the Shabooya award off to Nathan. Nate is always running front of the pack, he’s fit, fast and friendly. Nate can routinely be seen on Strava throwing down a casual Saturday consisting of a run, followed by a bike workout, followed by a ski, followed by a night bike (you know, just for fun), CASUAL.  You want some inspiration to get out the door and do something outside, look to this guy! Nathan, keep doing how you’re doing, we’re glad you’re here!

Tales from the Tribe:
To begin….

A Tale of Dedication: Last week Willie was on call on Tuesday night, he finished work at 3am and thought “I shall sleep in my truck” so he did just that.  He drove to the Forks and threw down a quick cat nap in the parking lot and then crushed the workout in his usual style, as one of the loudest and fastest guys.

A Tale of Perseverance: Last week Kristjana CRUSHED the Strava Challenge and did an incredible 80km in two weeks, this girl has made huge strides on her running journey, and we are proud! Hey Kristjana, your goals are showing!

A Tale of Stupidity: I mean …. fortitude? Today Evan and Nate wore shorts! Let me repeat that, SHORTS! SHORTS IN THE WINTER! These two maniacs could be seen sprinting up and down the bridge with their knees showing.  Personally, I would never, but I commend you both good Sirs.

Which segues nicely into my next point: WINNIPEG IS WINTER!  Here in Winterpeg we often get a bad rap for our freezing temperatures and long, dark winters, but no more!  Some would say we have the sh*ttiest winters, but in recent years we’ve turned that around.  We have embraced the cold and made the city our playground.  The skate trail is incredible, the ice castle is dope, the Commons is always hopping with people and Festival du Voyageur is a marathon 2 weeks of outdoor fun and parties.  We have taken a frozen lemon and made a really delicious lemonade slurpee.

Speaking of awesome outdoor, winter stuff, over the next week we have a wicked lineup of outdoor events coming at you:

Thursday, February 1st, we need skaters at the Forks from 7:30-8am, to skate in the background for a news segment about Chain for Change.

Friday, February 2nd, POP UP WORKOUT at the Forks at 6:14am, we’ve got leaders coming in from out of town, so let’s show up in numbers and show them how we do it here in Winnipeg!

Saturday, February 4th The Great Skate, 9am at the Forks, and Chain for Change at 1pm.

The Great Skate is going to be next level this year, we have insane prizes, free swag, talented photographers and a delicious breakfast coming at you. Right after we’re helping Chain for Change SET A WORLD RECORD! They’ve already fundraised over $11 000  for Cancer research. For real you guys, it’s going to be an amazing day, that you won’t want to miss.  Sign up for both events if you haven’t yet!

Great Skate Registration

Chain for Change Registration

It is Wednesday, my dudes and I heart you all!

Megan Cora of the House Hunter, First of her Name, Queen of the Great Skate , Kahleesi of the Winter, Breaker of World Records (but NOT chains- the chain must be unbroken) and Mother of the ‘It is Wednesday, my dudes’ Frog meme

PS. Derek is going for the W this year, he has been a living Rocky montage out on the river everyday practicing for the Great Skate, for the love everything good, someone please come out and go for the challenge!

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