WISCONSIN NOTES Revival by Brogan Graham

Story about DG not liking rambling blogs
Requesting recap notes
Invite to all who are reading this to bring back WISCONSIN NOTES

Back in the day there was only one NP outside of Boston and the leader of that tribe was Dan Graham (DG). They were a proud group, and still are, in Downtown Madison, Wisconsin. DG used to get a little bored with the blog posts coming out of Boston that seemed to go on and on about nothing. He kept reading them because there were always tiny pieces of actual information peppered throughout the long paragraphs of nonsense. One day, DG said, “Guys, you need a recap, you need some basic notes for what the hell matters in your post. And don’t put them at the bottom either. Put them at the top and I may continue to scroll down if your notes are worthy.” (Not an actual quote, but you get the idea… maybe read the non-quote again after watching this, then you can almost hear how he’d have said this kind of thing.)

And so, WISCONSIN NOTES were born. Basic, bold, all caps, WISCONSIN NOTES, at the top of almost all of our blogs in 2013 as San Francisco, DC, Edmonton, Denver, and San Diego came on board. The rest, as you know, is history.

But as we take in the holiday cheer and spirit this time of year, I invite all of you writers to bring back WISCONSIN NOTES to your tribes, your blogs, IG posts, and your FB notes to one another. You may fall in love with them.

That’s all for now. The tribe is strong. -BG

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