Bermuda Triangle

This morning it was raining. This morning it was raining BUT it was 58 degrees. During the second half of November we rarely see temperatures this high, especially before the sun wakes up.

To start, we bounced and rain danced and ran the warm up lap that takes us all the way down to the bottom of our original hill.  To celebrate the rain, the warmth, and a good morning in general, a new workout was explained. Its title? The Bermuda Triangle.  This workout gets its name because it incorporates 3 key locations we use on a regular basis for workouts. For the first 12 minutes of the workout, we took off up and down the original hill, doing 5 “I’m a star” jumps (where you crouch down low and then explode up into a mid-air jumping jack) at the 35W bridge memorial before running back down to the bottom. After 12 minutes, a bell was rung and tribe members switched it up.


The second part was also done for about 12 minutes. After the bell toll, we ran towards the hill under the Stone Arch Bridge. We ran up to the top of this hill that lets out onto west river pkwy and did 5 more “I’m a star” jumps at the top each time before returning back down to the bottom.


At the end of this 12 minute set, the bell tolled again but we did not run any more hills. Instead, we all took off, an entire tribe in a mad-dash from wherever we were up to and across the stone arch bridge.  The first person across turned back around to rally the rest of us up so that we could all finish together. And give each other sweaty hugs.


A few family photos and some news about what’s goin’ on and we were outta there.

Today the lumberjack landed on the shoulders of tribe member and founder of the “’I’m a star” jumps, Nate!

The positivity award went out to a tribe member who kills it every time he shows up and while he’s been gone for a while, we are excited his injury is healed and that he’s back at it with us. Welcome back Tim Heisel! We couldn’t enter the Winter season without you, we all know you’ll be the last one standing shirtless at the end of a workout this season. He’s so fast you can barely see him (below)!


Great job today tribe! Way to be #weatherproof!


–          #sunrise6k is coming in December! Date TBT

–          Long John Jammy Jog (LJJJ) 2.0 is on the radar, we’ll keep you posted!

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