The Triumphant Retun of J-Baby (LAX)

It’s really quite easy to lose sight of the world you used to know when a brand new, freshly constructed and painted world opens up before your very eyes. No, I’m not talking about a new car (though I’m still waiting on that Ferrari that’s going to just fall into my lap one day… I know it is) but I am talking about the glory that is our beloved Hollywood Bowl. We’ve been SO stoked to get back on those stairs, that we just about forgot the world outside of our magical steps of happiness. read more

To PR a J-Baby (LAX)

For weeks now, our beloved bowl has been closed off to us. Construction has taken over the stairs we happily donate our sweat to on the weekly. Does that stop NP LAX from showing up? You’re damn right it doesn’t. NP is #constructionproof… we run, jump, and crowd surf wherever we can find an inch of space. read more