The Ten Commandments of November Project by Sarah Korval

One can say that this dedicated November Project member has been with us since the very first few Friday workouts. As Madison, Wisconsin takes on their very first Friday (today) of all time, it’s fitting that one of Boston’s first Friday ladies writes today’s post. With an upcoming Monday location that is sure to knock your socks off (#ALLMAYMON) here in Boston… we know you’re pumped… and we won’t make you wait another line… I’m proud to present… Sarah Korval!

No one has ever accused me of being overly religious, but I felt the following posting appropriate, given that I refer to November Project as “the most awesome cult I’ve ever been a part of.” This is high praise, as there have been many. Thus, I present to you a descriptive but not exhaustive list:

The Ten Commandments of November Project*

(*I can only speak of what I know, and that is the Boston chapter. I’m taking this to mean I must travel to Wisconsin and San Francisco to learn of the ways and the workouts, and then come back and edit accordingly).

1. Honour thy verbal. Your alarm clock won’t pump you full of legal highs via endorphins, so turn it off and get yourself moving. We’ve been known to enjoy many a game at NP, but “It’s 6:30 am, do you know where your tribe member is?” has never been a favorite. Let us not forget how our hurt emotions may manifest themselves. #WeMissedYou

2. Thou shalt recruit. Not only is there strength in numbers, there’s also more men sans shirts and women in tiny shorts. Do your part.

3. Thou shalt sport #GrassrootsGear proudly. Thou shalt sport it on the stairs, thou shalt sport it when in chairs. Thou shalt sport it in a race, thou shalt sport it on thy face. Thou shalt sport it here and there, thou shalt sport it everywhere.

4. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s ass. While technically one of the recognized original commandments, we’re not talking donkeys at NP; we’re talking behinds, and it’s easy enough to obtain a choice piece of one’s own by repeated #FrogMan1’s.

5. Honour thy B&B. Like an overly-aggressive set of stage mothers, they are here to inspire, celebrate, push, but perhaps most importantly, unabashedly shame us into doing our best. Make sure to, on occasion, give them extra hugs for their hard work.

6. Thou shalt not take the name of the #PositivityAward in vain. That weathered piece of wood spent its early days drinking the Charles River, a body of water you wouldn’t voluntarily ingest after 27 full frontals on Summit Ave, and it *still* has a positive outlook on life. RESPECT.

7. Thou shalt not drive to Monday workouts. #DestinationDeck is a RUN-DECK/RANDOM CHALLENGING ACTIVITIES-RUN situation, and while all zero-to-four-legged beings are welcome, four-wheeled vehicles are not. While we’re talking cars, thou shalt not park on Summit Ave.

8. Thou shalt remember the ways of the ninja. With each high five you give, with every #FuckYeah you yell, with every grunt you exhale across a stadium, a Brookline hill, a Boston neighborhood, always bear in mind: you can (and must) transform into a ninja at the drop of a shiny New Balance sneaker.

9. Thou shalt enjoy thyself. NP is about the #RiseAndShine and the #MoveAndShake. No matter how much coffee it’s going to take to make it through the workday, Mon/Wed/Fri 6:30 am – 7:30 am is about #EarningYourEverything with people who genuinely enjoy seeing you succeed. Make sure to reflect on that every now and again.

10. Thou shalt not kill. I actually borrowed this from the original Ten Commandments, but it seemed applicable across all situations, somewhat good advice to keep in your back pocket.

While I’m still on my soapbox, I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank you all for being the best group of inspirators and perspirators I’ve ever met. Because of you, I’ve pushed myself to physical limits that, perhaps I knew I could, but had never particularly wanted to in the past. I think that’s an important distinction to make: it’s not that you’re showing me what I’m capable of (though certainly in some cases, you have), it’s that you make me want to do it. For me, that’s always the most challenging wall to climb. So, thank you. November Project is more magical than a Disney movie #TheTribeIsStrong

Hugs and High Fives,
Sarah K.

WISCONSIN NOTES: (coming soon)

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