Know Sarah. Love Korval. Sarah Korval.

It sucks when BG returns from the dead because you KNOW this guy is about to get long winded on your ass. Here we go…

After being away from the tribe for the better part of two weeks it feels so amazingly good to see all of your foggy faces through the mist and clouds this morning on Summit Ave. Some of you came out to do the lighter side with 3 hills because of your races this weekend, while others took on the full 9 hills. One of our members, who’s name rhymes with Alan Scherer, decided to match Joey “Big20” Kile and completed just over 26.3 miles all on the hill. Crazy? Maybe. Impressive? 100%. For those of you who are heading off to put your NP training to the test with a race of any kind we wish you luck and hope you find yourself in #GrassrootsGear on the starting line… or at least the post-race beer line. Like everyone’s moms says, “Make sure you take lots of photos!”

Another big congrats to Sarah Korval for winning today’s Positivity Award. If you have been coming to our workouts and still have not met her… well that’s on you. She’s at everything, meeting people, putting people together, celebrating her birthday NP style, and training hard. Sarah is known to mix up workouts to keep things in her athletic life fresh. Kickboxing, Yoga, Running, Decks, you name it, she does it… and she’s doin’ it well. We love you Sarah! Stay positive.

Monday’s #DestinationDeck will meet on Huntington Ave in front of The Museum of Fine Arts. The MFA’s grass is so gosh darn nice that we may ask members bring there own goose/pigeon poo. You know how the saying goes, “B.Y.O.G/P. P.” We’ll keep you posted as that piece develops.

As many of you have mentioned, Halloween 2012 falls on NP’s PR Pizza Day. As expected, theme costumes are required for this racing workout. This year our easy theme is one that you can keep simple or “Gilroy-expand” and really go over the top… it’s up to you. The required pieces for your November Project Halloween PR Pizza Day costume will be “Capes & Feathers.” That’s right. You must have a cape on (for the speed of a super hero) while accessorizing yourself with feathers (for even MORE speed and light-weight quickness). The colors, layers, styles, and combinations are totally up to you and we are hoping to see some creativity. Group photo? Obviously. What if it rains? We hope that it does! It’s not too soon to plan this out. “Capes & Feathers.” Best dressed awards will be decided by the group via FB voting after the workout. Ready? Go!

#NovemberHype. Events, racing, #GrassrootsFlashMobbin’ … just get your life in line for a good time or two… #NovemberHype.

Name Workout Time
Alan S 33 5:15:15
Dima F 9 1:05:55
Alex Jackson 7 50:15
Holden S 6 22:04
Sarah P 6 50:33
Amy McLaughlin 6 51:40
Marsha W 6 25:08
Adam A 6 25:08
Ben H 6 48:21
Danielle DH 6 45:39
Sophie O 6 26:43
Nicole LeDoux 6 45:39
Claire Wood 6 41:12
VOLA 6 20:00
Guy 6 18:41
Morgan Brown 6 19:00
Derrick S 6 39:02
Nelson K 6
Marybeth Hamwey 6 42:32
Laura W 6 50:28
Andrew Schwartz 5 ½ 52:10
Cassie M 5 ½ 46:00
Sarah Moret 5 37:52
Michal S 5 52:00
Kelly C 5 21:25
Benjamin R 5 43:00
Tusa Rebecca Scharp 4 30:00
Drew Beesing 4 28:45
Emily O 4 13:50
Mike Joyce 4 15:59
Celia Medeiros 4
Luis C 4 23:00
Mitzi Liu 4
Genevieve Fernandoz 4 17:00
FJ P 4
Kaitlin Pace 4 18:55
Jessica Hughes 4 19:00
Abby Cange 4 36:00
Zhanna 4 41:19
Andrew Neels 4
Elizabeth Eyerer 3 22:00
Ben Hoogheen 3 14:06
Adam Lamarre 3
Anna Fischer 3 17:07
Patrick Burke 3 25:27
Matt Hunter 3 25:00
Annie Yingling 3 26:32
Liz Montz 3 24:32
Whitney Kemp 3 13:00
Lizzie Varr 3 27:05
Jason L-Q 3 11:15
Amy Griffin 3 28:15
Cassie C 3 12:31
Michelle L 3 12:10
Philip C 3 23:35
Emily P 3 23:35
Amanda Ayers 3 12:06
Matt Wolfe 3 Lots
Erin McDonagh 3 15:00
Mobo Odawole 3 18:00
Scott Gilroy 3 21:31
Liz Good 3 20:00
Lucia C 3 15:29
Chelsea T 3 27:00
Emilie Mandaric 3 13:31
Sarah Korval 3 13:31
Allyson M 3 36:30
Angelo Gala 3 19:49
Marina 3 34:20
Billy T 3 10:09
Laura N 3 15:38
Andrew N 3 16:00
Melissa P 3 19:00
Allan K 3
Chris M 3 19:24
Neil Cronin 3 19:54
Joey K 3 9:05
Steve C 3 19:24
Steph Maiocco 3 22:31
Kristen McIntire 3 12:00
Matt C 3 22:00
Mark Gregorio 3 29:00
Lauren K 3 14:00
Erin S 2 15:00
Skye Morse 1 7:00
Max G 6 22:45
Elise Marshall 17:00
Jake M Amateur photographer Moral Support
Brigitte G 5 41:00
Karlsie 2 24:00
Seth P 6 33:46
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15 Replies to “Know Sarah. Love Korval. Sarah Korval.”

  1. I had problems with the sign in pen and I guess my 0 looked like an 8… I did 6 in 50:28.

    Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!

  2. I love you all and am so proud of the work that was done today, the last two weeks, and this coming winter. #weatherproof #EarnYourCape&Feathers

    1. Jake M, were you the one that took the badass foto of me running right at you? I’m the chick in the white tank, black lulus that matched the fire hydrant!

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