The time has come for November Project family to start rocking official NP gear and represent the tribe that has proved that you don’t need to drop insane amount of dollar bills to be fit. How are we going to do that? #Grassroots style! We’re turning down perfectly printed shirts that are already flooding our closets and racks at local GoodWill to something way cooler and more badass – #GrassrootsGear.

On Wednesday 8/8/12 we’re having a Bring Your Own T-shirt (B.Y.O.T.) day at November Project. From a simple v-neck cotton T to a lightweight racing tank, bring any kind of white or light blue shirt. It MUST be plain, solid, white OR light blue without writing/prints/logos. This will be your ONLY opportunity to have 1st edition of November Project shirt design as the stencil will be retired into a framed memorabilia after the event and will never be used again. Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of fitness revolution history.

Your shirt will be created by the uber creative November Project staff during your workout next Wednesday. Please label your shirt tag or mark your colar with a sharpie so we can keep that many shirts straight. It goes without saying that next week we’ll have a pretty rad group photo and we hope you and your shirt can make it.

Help hype this concept, video, and our new gear. #GrassrootsGear #ProjectRacingTops #SpeedLogo #RepYourTribe

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