ALL MAY MON! ALL DAMN MAY! (4 #DestinationDeck Locations for MAY 2013)

For the month of May we want to push the boundaries for our Monday classic known as #DestinationDeck. Rather than adding large amounts of sprints, pushups, and standing around, we’d like to make this month more about RUNNING, new location discovery, and better efficiency with our time. We understand that many of you love the deck and we do too.

The deck will only be put down for 4 May Monday’s in a row and be replaced with simply 100 partner leg-throwdowns (each) and 100 pushups (each) before hugging it out and getting back on the road to your apartment. Now more than ever you’ll need to plan your runs and give yourself just enough time to arrive before 6:29AM. When you get to the location we’ll pair you up and begin as a group. We’ll be back to our sign-in sheets for May Mondays and will proudly post the names of those who have made the trek to RUN-CORE-RUN with us.

For many of you, this list (below) will be all new places and will force you to be open minded as you navigate your way to the meeting place with enough time. Harvest verbals from friends and co-workers and run with your charged phone in case you get lost. Form small neighborhood groups, study your maps, and continue recruiting. There is no better way to start off your week than a nice medium/long run with a solid, but short, dose of core to break it up. WARNING: We’ll still meet as a group and hug the shit out of your face/body.

All 4 locations for “ALLMAYMON” are as follows…

Location Name: Ronan Park or #RonanPark (Baseball Field) in DORCHESTER.
Please use this MAP to find your way.

MONDAY, MAY 13TH at 6:29AM
Location Name: Prospect Hill Park or #ProspectHillPark in SOMERVILLE.
Please use this MAP to find your way.

MONDAY, MAY 20TH at 6:29AM
Location Name: Bergin Park or #BerginPark (Baseball Field) in CAMBRIDGE.
Please use this MAP to find your way.

MONDAY, MAY 27TH at 6:29AM
Location Name: Ellis School Play Yard or #PlayYard in ROXBURY.
Please use this MAP to find your way.

As always, no bikes, no cars, no rollerthings. The full workout is a run, partner core, and a final run. If you arrive to do your core with us with out the running, you’re missing the point. Also, if anyone points out that these are “bad locations” or places that are “not safe at that hour” you’re officially cut from the NP roster. See new places with November Project and know that we love you too.

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