Build The Movement (feat #ALLMAYMON)

You’re building November Project each and every single morning you show up. You are. Recruiting is the next step but lets not get ahead of ourselves. JUST SHOWING UP is the number one piece in building this movement of FREE fitness and bettering the already strong community here in Boston, MA and Madison, WI. The rest of the magic of NP will fall into place once you’re there. JUST SHOW UP AND YOU WILL BUILD THIS MOVEMENT. Let that sink in, its pretty powerful. Some version of this concept usually goes through my brain as I’m setting my alarm clock for 0 o’clock each Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday night. Big ups to the Kaufenberg Family who got off Florida airplanes last night at 2:00AM and still made it to the workout… with a few mins to spare. Well done ladies.

TODAY’S workout kicked off with our usual embrace and “murder-eyes Happy Birthday” whisper-singing (Goldie’s birthday lasts the entire month of May (not just May 1st) so please wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY next week(s) when you see her at NP, her classes, or around town).

Alan’s post from his 30 mile run/event today: “7 hours later and 37.5 hills and 30 miles accomplished my goal was reached that i set out to do last October when i accomplished 33 hills and 26.36 miles in 5:15 Fuck ya! Thank you to everyone for your support couldn’t have done it without you!” AMAZING. Congrats Alan!

MONDAY: We’re going to kick off our very first Monday in May. The format will be different and more about the actual running to and from the set location and less about standing around and socializing. All four Monday’s will be listed on a page called “ALL MAY MON” that lives on this same amazing website. Please refresh the page each Sunday just in case we make a switch – you’ve all seen us do this at least a thousand times by now. We’ll look forward to seeing you this coming Monday at #RonanPark in Dorchester (MAP). Yeah, we’ve never been there either. #TryNewShit

#NP_Yoga4 will post the RSVP on Tuesday next week. The first 100 people to jump on will reserve their spot for Thursday’s #NP_Yoga4 class at South Boston Yoga. Stay ready, act fast, namaste.


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